Sales, sales and more sales

      Boy howdy, there sure is a pile of online sales this week.  And they seem to be going pretty well.  We’re selling a nice set of does in the Girls of Summer sale.  Whoever gets these 5 girls will love them when they go to raising babies out of them.  They are stacked with maternal genetics.  I am a firm believer that you have to have good mommas to raise babies.  It is miserable if they don’t do their job.  These girls will do fine in the show ring as well. They are ready to go to pounding feed.  They aren’t going to melt in a week.  They are ready to go.  It is a really nice lineup of does being offered from all of the breeders and I am pleased to be selling with Milligan, Miller and Able Acres.  

     I tell you, I’ve been doing these online goat sales as long as anybody.  And I can promise you that selling one without a picture was a good way to go, but the next best thing is just loading the doe kids up and hauling them to Milligan and letting his crew of experts clip, setup and photo these girls.  Sure, I have to pay for these services, but it is money well spent.  Will they bring more as a result? Maybe not.  But I am in a good mood and I have time to deal with other crap around the Kompound.  And that is worth something. I used to be tight and didn’t like to spend money on something that I can myself, but it is hard to put a price on peace of mind and time management.  

     Sometimes, in this industry, you feel like you might have screwed up.  I sold a doe kid here at the house tonight that should have been in this sale.  But I forgot that I had her.  She would have clipped up WAY GOOD.  But sometimes a screw up turns out.  She went to a good home and I expect big things from her next spring.  

     I am ready for this weekend because there is a pile of wethers taking up a lot of pen space and eating a lot of feed here at my house that need to go to their new homes, soon.  There is a nomination due for Tulsa on July 1.  So most of these will be gone.  Plus, I can get paid for them.