The Western Oklahoma online doe sale is on Monday.  This is a very nice set of doe kids.  They are not overly fed or fitted.  They are better in person than in the pictures.  They are backed by a pile of genetics.  The lot #2–tag 12 kid from Tori is a good one.  Tori isn’t going to give this one away.  She will make a show doe and will definitely make a brood doe.  She will only continue to get better.  Her mother has raised premium sale wethers at Tulsa.  I am taking a bad ass twin wether to this doe kid to the Pick Your Poison sale next week.  Lot #1 is cool doe kid.  She was a triplet, so she isn’t as bloomy as most.  This doe needs attention.  She could be real fun to show.

    Seelke’s are selling a pair that are backed by a pile of genetics.  The lot 11 doe is out of a Nike mother that is also the mom of Goober.  This doe kid will be later maturing but will get real interesting.  

     The Fade2Black’s from Pullan and Nation fed very well last year.  There is a pile of genetic value in this set of doe kids.  They will be cool, cocky and will get heavier muscled as they mature.  Lot 8 of Nation’s needs to be studied.  She will be later in her maturity.  She will have plenty of power and get bigger than most.  She is a full mate to the popular div. 5 winner at Tulsa last year.  You can’t go wrong with the Rainman genetics.  He has been a very consistent sire of wethers and does.  His daughters are making fabulous females and are working extremely well bred back to Joe Dirt.  

     Tyke’s doe kids are really well balanced, shapely females.  He probably shoudn’t be selling them, but he only has room for so many does, plus he needs to buy some diapers.

      These doe kids are well worth your time to study and buy.  All of these breeders have real jobs and families, therefore they haven’t been pimped on and fitted up to give you that WOW photo.  But they are for real.  These kids were pulled straight out of the weaning pens and have been running in general population without any extra TLC.  They are the kind that will feed.  They won’t melt and disappoint you in a week or two.  Instead, with good care, they will continue to get better and grow into their genetic potential.