Made it to Pfeiffer’s sale last night.  Good crowd.  A lot of goats and dollars changed hands.  Top end sold extremely well.  Goats were greener than I was expecting.  Some goats sold higher than they should have, but there were bargains to be found.  There will be premium sale wethers out of that sale that sold for $500 or less.  It is amazing how high these goat sales have gotten.  It does take a lot of money to raise a good one.  The bucks cost a pile, feed is high and good facilities/fences are a must in order to build good goats.  I do enjoy selling goats for a lot of money, but on the other hand, it isn’t fun trying to buy good goats.  Going to Mike Kelly’s sale next Saturday.  I doubt there will be very many of those come back to Oklahoma.  By all accounts, they have a whale of a good set. 

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