Sale Week

There have been a lot of goats change owners the past week or so.  It is the busy season in OK and TX.  This past week is the busiest goat week for Oklahoma.  Buyers that are needing to nominate for Tulsa have to be done by July 1.  Plus most of the March and April born kids are now available as well as some May borns.

The sales were good but not as crazy as in years past.  The good ones will bring good money and then it drops off drastically.  Duke and I only sold three goats this weekend.  A wether for $2,600, a wether for $2,200 and a doe kid for $2,000.  And they went to good homes.  I am pleased selling goats at those prices.  I’m making money and the buyer doesn’t have to go broke to buy a good goat.

Jason Spence had to juggle planes in order to make it to Perry on Saturday.  Something about a puddle of fluids under his plane gave him pause before flying it.

Duke is officially employed.  He is now working at the Ellis County Animal Hospital.  One, he wanted a job.  And two, he needs a job in order to pay deductibles and vehicle insurance increases.

Got to go load some does and meet a trailer headed to California.  It has been 4 weeks since I had that online doe sale.  That is the downfall of an online sale.  They may be sold but the pens don’t just empty over night like a live sale.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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