Sale Time

      The wethers are sheared and loaded.  We aren’t taking many–just five wethers.  But this is a really nice set.  Taking a little guy that is just about 9 weeks old.  He is a Dirty Rain x Rumour Has It.  Super complete kid–cocky, shapely, round ribbed and excellent on feet and legs.  I haven’t banded him and I almost would like to keep the nuts in him.  But, we need to take a good one.  Taking an old school Joe Dirt x Harley wether that will just get every day of his life.  That is the trend with those genetics.  Also taking a Skippy Red Leg kid that is wicked big backed and tight hided.  If you want to pet on one, then you need to get your hands on this dude.  Also taking a 3 Amigo x 445 wether from Tyke that is dang good.  He got an infected bag and is not 100%, but this guy will feed.  

We’ll see you at the sales.