Sale Time

Huge thank you to everybody that had anything to do with our online buck sale.  I am ecstatic with how it went and look forward to getting sale and show reports of the kids from these bucks.

I do think that it would be good for all goat buyers, breeders and sellers to have to deal with an online yearling buck sale.  It ain’t fun.  You don’t just grab a yearling buck out of the pen and make them set up.  A yearling buck isn’t cute, fuzzy, they have a smell, an attitude and dang they do not want to take video.  But, I am going to figure that out.

I really like it when people venture to Fargo to get their hands on these dudes.  I do enjoy taking most calls, some texts and trying to describe each goat to the best of my ability.  I would rather take the breeders word for it then watch some video.  But, I get it.  And the consumer is always right.  So, we will figure out this video deal.

Now, for the rest of the story.  I did not want to sell lot 1.  DID NOT WANT TO SELL HIM!  But, after taking pics, we had a goat stone up.  He was a Manilla Gorilla x Rumour Has It x Smokestack. I loved this goat.  But, he stoned and he was not going to be a breeder.  Down you go then.  So, lot #1 became available.

Last year, Tom & Kerensa Kester bought Prom Date.  I bought back 1/2 of him.  Then he decided to be a goat and find a unique way to end his existence.  The Kester’s then leased Manilla Gorilla.  When they came to pick him up, I said, “Take this young buck and breed to him.  He will work.”  They were a bit shell shocked.  WTH?!  Why?  The blood in this one is wicked good.  Use him.  Use him hard.

On their way back home, they had to take a detour through Tulsa.  They called, “Does this young buck have a name?”  NOPE.  “Can we call him Detour?”  Yep.

Fast forward—At the end of March, they started having Detour kids.  I have yet to be to NE OK to see these kids, but the future sounds promising.  And if the bigger, badder twin brother is available, well, you buy him.  And that is what Tom & Kerensa Kester did.  They bought the good one.  And if you couldn’t tell in the comments on lot 1, I think that this one is a damn good one.  If the Kester’s sell semen or do outside breedings to him, I highly recommend using him.   I will gladly tell you what kind of doe to breed to him (most all of them) but you need to make arrangements with Kerensa.  Probably, not Tom.

Seven bucks that are headed to 5 different states–from coast to coast.  Considering that we are just a small operation located south of Fargo, OK–Dude, that is cool.  The power of the internet.  To think back to 2003 when Kela, Danielle Litzenberger and Kourtney Childers conned me into showing goats and then Kela took a website called, held the first ever online goat sale then went to college, now Hollywood and I’m left with the goats and the Milligan’s have the website.  What the?!  It’s all cool.  Keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel.

It is cool when people start texting you the names of their new buck purchases, literally within minutes of the sale closing.  When they have been here, seen em and have an idea–that is fun.

Thank you to all that help.  I know that I can be/seem like/be an ass, but I do appreciate all that it takes to make these things work.  Thank you.

Now, time to slide into the next one.  And it is just one.  But…..if you are needing that buck.

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