Thank you to all of the buyers and bidders.  We are pleased with the sale.  And I learned several things from this sale.

–If you are going to offer open does, does with kids, bred does and this many lots, then you better clear your calendar on sale day and have help to answer text questions.

–They are going west to California and east to West Viriginia.

–If I wanted to screw people in this business, I could have easily done it.  Lot 24–If I had a dollar for every time I had to answer the question–“Is her buck kid good enough to be a herd buck?”  My reply was constantly “Not good enough for me.”  He’s a nice goat.  If I would have told people that he was damn good, I don’t know what that deal would have brought.

–When people asked questions, I answered honestly.  I hurt the value of a doe as I told anybody that asked that she isn’t milking as good as she used to.  It pays to talk to the seller ahead of time.

–I should get a picture of TCB2 and post a description of this dude.  He is a lined up 900 x No Way on an old school Powell/Holman doe.

–No, I did not bid on any of them nor did I have anybody bid for me.  I was on the road trying to get back home. I made it back about 8:30 pm.  Still had an hour and a half to watch the closing.  There were a few that maybe didn’t bring what I thought they should but they are going to good homes.

–Last night, during the sale, I got numerous texts wanting to know WTH is 8013?  At the time, I did not know.  Today, I do.  I’ve never met the buyer.  But, I have talked to him on the phone several times and I had to email notes about each lot, rank them and discuss any pros and cons.  They did their homework and bought well.

–If any of the new owners raise a buck, I would be happy to market it for them.


Thank you.  Now, it is time to start coordinating pickups and deliveries.  Have a good one.


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