Closed out the Kelln #1 online sale last night. Had lots of calls from Kansas, OK, Texas, Colorado and Kentucky. Everything ended up in Oklahoma and Kansas. Thanks to all the bidders, lookers and callers that expressed interest.

Now to start getting doe kids ready for the online video sale on April 23. There are some really cool doe kids in that set. There will be a pair of does out of a Harley mom. There is a pair of doe kids out of “Pocket” s mother and Joe Dirt, the solid white one is way cool. She should have been a wether. There will possibly be a Joe Dirt on a 900, twin to lot #2 wether, that is massive boned, wide based and cocky made. She isn’t very big framed, but she is fun to look at. May also sell a Joe Dirt x Lexi doe kid. Lexi was the mother of a Tulsa premium sale wether and the middle division champion doe at Tulsa last fall. I don’t really want to sell this set, but I kept too many last year.

The sale is on April 23, but due to jobs, videographer travels, time, etc. The videos will be posted only a day or two ahead of time. Feel free to call or come look anytime next week.


Paradoxical Quote of The Day:

“Fathom the Hypocrisy of a Government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured… but not everyone must prove they are a citizen.”

The above statement comes to us as a result of both Houses of our US Congress, our Judicial System, and the president of this country.

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