#s, Walk Out, WTH?

16 per layer

10 high

160 cases

12ct/ 9 oz pkgs


If you know what those numbers mean then you either sell a butt-load of Girl Scout cookies or, like myself, you are looking at a case of Samoas.  Or possibly some other high quality cookie that have been made famous by that organization.

Speaking of Samoas, and their dang neart identical twin sisters, Coconut Dreams; these dang things have me in a bind.  As in a bind getting my fat ass tucked into a pair of jeans.  The fact that I am just now motivating decent now after two months of scooting around, combined with Samoas and Coconut Dreams, has left me in a not-quite-healthy state.  Don’t tell me to do sit-ups or push ups.  You can’t with an effed up hoof.  Try it.

As a result, I have came to the conclusion that 3 samosa per day per 195# will add cover to the ribs, add dimension to the ass, hips and pin bones while leaving a top that handles fresh.  I am now almost fat enough to be in the hunt at a major wether show.  Now, if I was a true additive/snake oil salesman, I would say feed at the rate of 6-8 cookies per day per 85# when combined with a source of clean fresh water, full hay and a well regulated exercise program.  Feed to any and all species including and not excluding any animal that may or may not presently be considered a show animal that may or may not already be fat enough.  If in doubt, give them another.  Which, I have prescribed myself to that last line.  If there is a good cookie available, one more ain’t going to hurt.

One of my favorite memories of the house that I now live in does involve a cookie jar.  Grandpa Duke ALWAYS had a cookie jar.  My favorite one was a ceramic COOKIE MONSTER cookie jar.  Grandma Rosetta made ceramics.  So this was literally a home-made cookie jar, made by grandma for grandpa that was no shit, an actual ceramic Sesame Street character that we all know and love called Cookie Monster.  And the best or worst part was reaching in to get a cookie.  You NEVER knew what kind of cookie was in there.  Chips Ahoy–yeah.  Nutter Butter—even better.  Oreo–can’t go wrong.  Knock off oreo deal that tastes like asphalt–ooh.  The skinny pink sugar wafer bars–alright.  The kind of weird vanilla flavored sugar wafer bars–not so good.  The peanut butter square deals that just ain’t right but kind of good.  Even those cheap vanilla, lemon or chocolate sandwich cremes that aren’t an Oreo but are pretty dang good.  Looking back, I now realize that Grandma just played games when buying cookies.  And, Grandpa Duke didn’t give a rat’s behind as long as there were cookies in that jar.

OK teacher walkout.  Did I walk out?  No and yes.  Every teacher deserves more pay.  Some more than others.  Every state employee in Oklahoma deserves better pay and benefits.  Plus, I’ve done my time going to the capitol as a teacher during previous tours of duty.  At this point, I can do more by not being there.  I signed this contract so I can live with it.  Huge props to all that did go to the capitol.  I think that every citizen should go to your state and national capitol at some point.  Oklahoma is not a poor state but those in charge have done a piss poor job of managing it for quite a while now.  There is a reason that our teachers aren’t paid properly and our highways are horrible.

Living in paradise like I do, I get to hear/see first hand accounts of the differences between Oklahoma and Texas.  Texas taxes (take a look at those two words) the living heck out of property and minerals.  Then they spend it on their schools and the best highway system that I have ever driven upon.  I think that they might spend some on prisons as well.

However, I did walk out.  I walked out to the shop and helped kids.  I walked out to the greenhouse and checked progress there.  I actually walked out across the street to the high school and talked to the superintendent, coaches, principal and other teachers.  I’m just real glad that I don’t have to use a knee scooter to “walk” anywhere.  Although, the blue trucker nuts on that scooter were kind of cool.  And I laugh every time that I look at that high-tech knee scooter with steering.  I’m REAL sure that a video of me wiping out in the drive on that thing would have gone viral. The #s of that kind of video could make me walk out and just go WTH?  That dude walks with a limp and he isn’t walking out to anywhere very fast and those cookies only have 12 per case.  I thought that there was 24 in a case.  Wrong items.

p.s.  It is somewhat scary, gross and cool–all at the same time–to blow your nose and see what all colors, shapes and sizes comes out.


p.s.s.  Notice, no mention of goats.  I wanted to stay in a good mood.

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