Right here at Home

I’ve been a lot of miles and seen a lot of goats, all over Texas.  I’ve also seen a lot of Okie goats.  In all honesty, there isn’t any need for any Okies buy outside of OK.  There is going to be a wicked set of goats selling this weekend.  One day, 3 sales and all loaded with good goats.  

The Circle of Champions sale is a known producer for excellent goats.  All of these breeders are proven and will once again bring a top end offering.  Wethers, doe kids and potentially a buck prospect or two.  Once again, this is a can’t miss sale.  

The Small Town Saturday night sale is shaping up to be real good.  There is going to be a set of wethers there that will play and a couple of big time doe kids.  I wouldn’t be in a big panic to spend all my money during the day as there is some really good stock being offered at 8 pm. Sat. night.  Milligan is offering some of the best that he has raised to date.  Pullan has a very nice set.  Schovanec is bring some Nasty Habit goats that have some serious shape.  Seelke will offer a doe kid that is the twin to the prospect that we put on facebook.  Kester’s will have a couple of nice prospects.  Plus, I bet that Ring will have the smoker going

I haven’t got all my goats bought yet, as I have held off waiting for several that are selling this weekend.  I’ll have to try to get some bought, right here at home.