Would somebody please just unplug all of the news channels?!  My goodness, we are retarded.  Socially and mentally.  Gundy wears a tshirt fishing.  One of his players tweets a comment.  Now, it’s all over tv, social media, etc.

Here’s how much I knew about it.  Gundy goes fishing and then wears a tshirt with OAN on it.  I thought to myself, “Cool.  I didn’t know that the Oklahoma Ag Network had tshirts. What’s wrong with that?”   Later, I found out that OAN is One America News.   Who knew?  I’d never heard of them.  I doubt that you had either.

And after this deal dies down, the only winner will be One America News because you can’t buy publicity like this.

Whoever is working behind the scenes to divide this nation is doing a dang good job.

We all need to take time and watch a movie.  Blazing Saddles seems to fit.  Just as in today’s times, there was racial tension.  “We don’t want the Irish!”  But then all the races came together and worked together to build a replica of Rock Ridge.

Oh prairie shit!!   I’m part Irish and I wasn’t offended.  We all just need to use some common sense, quit getting butt hurt about EVERYTHING and work together.  I don’t care what color, religion, nationality or even if someone is an ou fan, I’m only racist towards laziness.  Can’t stand it.

And Im not racist towards color of goats.  We clipped up some weaned wethers last night.  There is a paint and a 99% red goat.  There are some black headed doe kids.  A few blondes and some traditionals.  And they all live in perfect harmony.


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