Results vs. Payback

     I will start this blog admitting that I am a dumb bastard.  I was in the Okie goat game before it was cool and I am still here.  I have helped the texan market.  There are numerous Texas breeders that have pictures hanging of my kids and kids that I help.  There are Okie breeders that have had big years, but it was with my kids showing. They would like to replicate those years, but can’t.  I help people by letting them use my bucks, my advice and my showmen.  I sell goats for them.  No charge.  There are a lot of breeders when asked “Who is your biggest customer?”  will answer, Kelln.  They sold goats for $750 then $1,500 then more.  I’ve been known to buy groups of 4 to 30, at way good prices for the seller and I agreed to the prices.  I personally lost money on some and should have made money on others.  I didn’t and that is why I am a dumb bastard.  

     Likewise,  I haven’t been charging the people that I was buying goats for.  Make a little extra in order to pay the gas, motel and an occasional stop at Cooper’s.  

This weekend, I spent $539 on motels, gas and eats.  That isn’t counting the $130 that Thompson spent at Cooper’s and the cash that Big Bill spent.  We are nearing $1,000 out of our own pockets and we didn’t come home with a single goat.  Doe, wether, buck, NOTHING!!  Why?  The quality wasn’t as good and the prices were higher. I’ve told numerous people that I don’t care if I make money at this as long as I don’t lose any.  Well, we lost money this weekend, plus I burnt a day of vacation on Friday to attend this raping.   

  I have been known to sell premium sale quality goats for stupid cheap money because I wanted them in the hands of good feeders.  Somehow, the favor isn’t reciprocated.  The prices go up when I show up.  Maybe it is my own fault.  I don’t know.  Not sure.  

      What I do know is that I am close to being done.  I spent a real good couple of days with my friends and my son.  Duke and I needed a couple of days like this.  I let him pick goats.  He did well, REAL well as to finding the good ones.  Like Thompson, he didn’t want to handle anything that he didn’t like.  I bid to $7,500 on Duke’s pick today.  The bid was back to me at $8k. I looked at him and said, “Do you want him?”  He cocked an eyebrow and said, “Not for that much!”  I let the goat go.  Thank you, Duke.  

Cooper’s was good.  Real good.  Fellowship was real good.  Now, I am home.  I’ve provided results for breeders.  Provided pics and banners.  Some of these breeders are now out of business, some are big time, some won’t make it five more years and others will continue to grow–with or without me.  The results are there.  Proof is the fact that people read this crap.  My goats feed.  My kids are consistently in the hunt at every show that we attend.  But the payback isn’t there.  I’m not talking monetarily.  I don’t need to make money on this addiction, but now that I am losing money on it, it changes my mood.  I can stay home and look at good goats, eat good smoked meat and find a jolly good time.  

     I’m thinking.  Which, everybody that knows me knows, that when I think out loud, then I am close to being done with something.  I’m thinking, find somebody else to help coach/feed/breed/trim hooves/sell/answer questions/etc.  I am thinking the results should make for a payback.  They haven’t, they aren’t….therefore…..


Whoever reads this:  DO NOT open the north and south ends of MY big barn.  When the wind blows like it does in NW Ok, there is enough circulation in this barn if the south doors are open.  These animals originated from South Africa.  If they aren’t panting, then they are fine.  If you open, the doors, then come sweep the mess up.