The day after and I am dealing with the residual of an online auction.  All good problems to have and I am happy to deal with them.  Sincerely, thank you for all of the interest in our goats.  It is nice to see a plan come to fruitition.  Thanks to all those that inquired, looked at, bid on and bought our stock.  Truly, humbley, thank you.    

      Got a story for you.  As you all know, we have more than our share of characters that are associated with us.  All great people, but some of them (myself included)  can get a little sideways and sometimes things come out of our (my) mouths that maybe aren’t expected or proper.  But sometimes, you hear something from someone that you didn’t expect it from.  

     Let me set the scene.  Had a recent visitor to this piece of paradise. A lady, who is a family friend and an excellent livestock person in her own right wanted to look at kids.  She comes from a stellar family, raised properly and she, her husband and kids are all pillars of their community.  Good people.  This family is trying to decide if they want to get real serious showing goats and how to go about it.  I was on good behavior–camo shorts, sneakers, actually had a shirt on, NO beverages.  She doesn’t and after last night, I didn’t need any/very many more.  She asked to look at the babies in the kidding barn.  Sure, let’s go.  

      She didn’t say anything bad.  I just wasn’t expecting it.  We walked along and she looked into each pen of couple of day old kids, she stopped at the end pen.  The pen contained a doe that had recently had QUADS.  All 4 were laying in a group, head to head, snuggled up together comfortably.  Three of these kids are blonde headed and the fourth is black headed.  She looked down, chuckled and said, “Wow, three blondes and a black.  Hhmm.  Sounds like a really good night at a strip club.”  I hurt my neck as my head snapped sideways.  There actually wasn’t anything wrong with what she said, it just caught me off guard for a second.  I laughed and then my mind went to whirring.  I don’t know yet if there is a buck prospect in this group of quads, but if there is, he’s already named– “Night Trips”.  Unless he’s a bonafide great one and then it will be “Spearmint Rhino”.  I was told once about a place from a friends wife that was called Spearmint Rhino that was supposedly a great….uhh….I think I’ll just stop.  

     I am excited for all that bought goats from us last night.  If the bucks perform half as good as I feel that they will, then things will be stellar.  I’m still trying to figure out exactly where everything is going, but so far, it looks like this group got really good homes.  The residual of this sale should be felt for awhile.  It’s starting to look like this Rumour Has It buck might be worth using on some more does.  I like it.  

      And on a positive note, it looks like the Dragon Lady is going to live.  She managed to get pneumonia and has acted/sounded like hammered dog turds for the past couple of days.