Contrary to popular beliefs, I actually like to try to research topics and figure out a solution.  For example, the problem that we call YOUR government.  I have a solution (And it isn’t an original idea).  Get rid of all current elected officials in state and national positions.  Have an election of all new candidates.  FRESH SLATE!  Impose term limits (like 2 years per office–no re-election).    All government officials will be on the same benefit plan as the rest of us–social security, medicare, etc.  It Will be a requirement to have served in the military or taught in a public school for at least 5 years.  It SHOULD be an honor to serve as a state or nationally elected officials.  And if you do the job right, there will be monetary gain AFTER you leave a JOB WELL–DONE!  If you are a POS like the current administration then you better hope to raise the minimum wage while you are in office.  That or go live in one of those other countries.

      Upon further research, I think that I have discovered part of the WELFARE goat idiom.  The question that has bothered me –Why do skinny babies that come from no-milking mothers that live for welfare feed & hay, regardless of genetics and while there is an excess alfalfa hay and a continous supply of high quality feed provided twice daily in a clean/dry trough as well as a full self-feeder, stay skinny for so long?  It is actually simple.  Their crappy mothers never taught them how to properly eat, survive and therefore didn’t properly nuture their offspring as to HOW to provide for themselves.  Even though it is right there for them.  If they had crappy parents, guess what?  The kids didn’t do well.  

      I’m currently dealing with a pair of extemely high bred twins.  The doe is a name brand kind of deal.  She didn’t breed the first year.  But thanks to “persistence”, she bred late this past year.  This was an ex-show doe that I don’t own, but because I am a borderline retard, I thought, this deal could work.  FInally got her to breed–live.  She had twins the first week of July. 

      For the amount of feed that this female-dog had eaten, her kids should have been HUGE! Nope.  Small.  OK.  This mother has had full feed, full hay AND full green grazing.  The twins are now weaned and they still won’t go to the feeder.  I moved them to a different pen.  They wander around looking for I don’t know what.  The only reason that I don’t haul them off, is the fact that I now want to see the completion of this social experiment.  I’ve got some research to do.  But, I am sure that the mother of these things would not reproduce naturally in a wild situation.  But, this is a show/genetic/$ driven operation, so we do some retarded stuff.  Why?

      When confronted with a socialogical question such as “Why?”, the proper answer is “Why Not?”.  Give me time, but I will have the exact answers to why we MUST be more selective to what we keep in our breeding herds.  

      Have a good day and a better tomorrow.