I was cruising the internet on this fine evening, trying to do a bit of research to help a kid with a speech topic.  One of the items that we were looking for has to do with America’s favorite condiment.  For decades, it was ketchup (catsup, if you prefer) that occupied the top spot.  But, several years ago, salsa overtook the throne.  

When dealing with hot dogs, there is only one decision–ketchup or mustard?  Me, I like lots of mustard on my dog.  I like ketchup with tater tots–dipped not smothered.  However, lots of people eat ketchup.  Salsa used to be an ethnic food but, we have Americanized it and now most everybody in the U.S. of A. loves a good salsa.  I like mine NOT chunky and I like it spicy.  

I came across a website that touted that the actual #1 condiment in the United States is……Mayonaisse.  What the?  How?  I’m not talking about Miracle Whip but actual mayo.  B.S!  There is no way!  Think of every fast food chain–ketchup and mustard are right there ready for you.  You have to ask for mayo.  Local cafes have a bottle of ketchup on every table.  Every ballpark has ketchup and mustard for easy dispensing on your dog or burger.  I do not believe everything that I read on the internet and this article is dang sure B.S.  

Now, if you want to tell me that Ranch dressing is #1….well, I can understand that argument.  That stuff gets put on everything.  Personally, I put Tobasco on a lot of stuff.  But, I don’t use it on steaks or any dairy products.  And this concludes your really random stuff for today.

As of this fine day, all of the show goats in Shattuck have been wormed, hooves trimmed and given a dose of ivomec.  I like to give ivomec at this time of year for two reasons.  

1—We are clear of withdrawal times.  

And 2–To kill fleas.  Cold, dry air combined with long hair and blankets makes a nice place for fleas to take up residency.  You won’t know that they are there until you shear them.  And the hide won’t look right.  Plus, there is a discomfort factor that goes along with fleas.  And, when you are shearing and see fleas, you will quiver and flinch the rest of the day, worried that they got on you.  We spray with a flea spray every time we change blankets.  We also spray the insides of their hotboxes and bedding.  If you have a cat that snuggles with your show goats, your goats will most likely have fleas.  

I talked to TravASS Schovanec this evening.  I hadn’t heard from him since New Year’s Eve, but no news is good news when dealing with Schoovy.  Christi’s deal seems to be going well.  He was upbeat and the kids were out and about.  We pray that this deal goes well for her.  He did allow that the hospital food wasn’t very good and that an elevator or two was out of commission.  He even knew how many steps there were on the staircase.  So, basically, he’s on a fitness program and he didn’t even sign up for it.  We’re also praying that our friends in Nebraska get healed up soon. 

I wonder, at times, what causes a wife to answer to names such as the Dragon Lady or Ol’ Growler?  It has to be a very caring, considerate husband.  It takes a special type of lady to earn titles like that.  I bet Ron will agree.  

Here at the Kelln Kompound, we aren’t afraid to ask for help.  Prayers are always needed around here and for others.  One of the very best things about dealing with others in the ag industry–we understand the power of prayer and even an occasional miracle.  It can be as simple as picking up a penny and remembering IN GOD WE TRUST.  Yes, we do.  

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.