It is hard to come up with something everyday to write about.  Don’t get me wrong, I have opinions everyday, but some I have to leave alone.  Some stories just don’t need posting and even though I do know the general locale of where my daughter is at this present time, I cannot and will not write about it.  Trust me though, it’s cool.  Real cool.  

     However, I have and will take requests.  And to respond to loyal reader Ron, I apoplogize for not writing daily.  I will try to do better.  Yes, the corn and bean crops will do well this year.  I am worried about our current political climate.  No, I have not ever had a Moscow Mule.  Yes, I will be at the American Royal this year, either as a spectator or helping Duke.  Yes, you had better be there.  Yes, it will be fun.  No, it is not my turn to buy steaks at the Golden Ox or Charlie’s for that matter.  I recently won a couple of bets and I plan on collecting said bets.  What is the saying, the more, the merrier?  You bet!  

      I actually am looking forward to KC.  Not because of the show, but it has been a couple of years since I have attended and I need to go.  I need to share stories, swap lies and raise a toast to all those northerners (or yankees) that have crossed our paths.  Five ice cubes, two fingers of Woodford Reserve and a splash of fresh water and I am in a good mood on this fine Friday evening.  

     Cheers to all!  Here’s to a great today and a better tomorrow.  I wish nothing but horseshoes and shamrocks for all!  

Speaking of which, Lucky Charms is going “gluten free”.  I have recently had to learn about the “gluten free” diet that some people have to deal with.  I don’t think that I could do it.  Just toss me a couple of rolls.  I know it’s going to hurt, but dang it.  I like my bread products,etc.  I already don’t do well being lactose intolerant.  I really like my dairy products and I just calculate when and where I’m going to eat some ice cream, blizzard, blended float, etc.  Actually, it’s not the eating part that I calculate.  It is the place and time that it is going to hit me right in the gut that I have to calculate.  Ask Staats or Tyke.