It’s time to order DNA kits for Kansas City.  

It’s time to make sure that you have a fresh bottle of GO juice.

It’s time to look at your pens and think “I still need another good goat or twelve.”  Then, it’s time to call me and I will help you fill those pens.  

It’s time to thank your ag teacher/county agent.  If you’ve got a good one, go thank them. They are getting rare and you need to take care of the good ones.  

It’s time to make sure that you have a salt block in all wether and buck pens as well as plenty of mineral and salt for does.  I prefer the Purina wind & rain mineral with CTC. I keep it out free choice, year round for the does.  Let me re-iterate the CTC.  Make sure that you have plenty of mineral for does with CTC in it.  

It’s time to play some Bob Seger music.  Yes, he is in the rock and roll hall of fame, but he is kind of under-rated.  He isn’t at the top of many lists, but everybody likes Bob Seger music.  Soulful, powerful and to the point.  His songs have a story to them.  They have feeling, probably a horn or two and a distinct sound.  And NOBODY plays the “Little Drummer Boy” like Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.  I’ve not seen him live, but I get the feeling that this group can un-cork and turn it up.                                   It’s time to “Turn the page.”

It’s time to get ready for next year. The 2015 show season is rapidly approaching.  Things that appear in your calendar are rapidly approaching.  Those that will hang a banner in 2015 are already on task.  

It’s time for me to check email, facebook and most importantly, the Chive.  I don’t need any motivation on this Monday, but I will check some gaps.  

It’s time for Schneberger to name that new High $ buck purchase—Squishy, I bought him and you didn’t, Will Ferrell, IHHW (I Hope He Works), Kenny Rogers ( The Gambler) or just go the old stand by goat industry naming practice–What’s his tag #?  There you go.  

It’s time for me to check traffic on this blog and make sure that BOTH readers are still clicking on here.  

It’s time to call it a day.  I’m one day closer to going to California.  I don’t want to go there, but I really want to see that offspring of mine.  Something must be good out there since she hasn’t moved home.  

On a goat note–a lot of you remember Fred Slater.  Well, I saw him today.  He was wearing a solid white Hawaiian style shirt, untucked, with white pants and a complete love 4 life.  Life is treating him well.  I bet he outweighs me by about 15 pounds.  Which is saying something as Fred used to beat me by about 100+ pounds. 

It’s time for me to be done and click update post.