The wind today has been absolutely relentless.  There are a few days per year that I am reminded that NW OK is NOT paradise.  It has been a steady 25-35 mph straight line wind today.  I had several outdoor jobs planned for today, but it didn’t take much to talk me out of them.  

      However, I do feel lucky to live where I do.  The wind was BRUTAL but at least we could go into the big barn and work hooves, goats, showmanship, etc.  We had a really good crew today and a couple of good ones yesterday.  

     I’m not generally considered to be a lucky person.  I wasn’t born into the “lucky sperm” club.   However, I’m probably the luckiest son-of-a-gun that you will ever meet.  I have a strong family background.  I have a wife that understands my addictions for good people, good animals and big fun.  I have great kids.  RUSM?!  I have a job that involves John Deere tractors and they pay me.  

      I am lucky enough to be able to pay the bills, have fun, work hard, recognize opportunities and have the work ethic to act on those opportunities that occasionally appear.  You can’t buy a lottery ticket for the kind of lucky that I am.  

     It has been said that some make their own luck.  I agree.  I have worked to be lucky in a lot of regards.  I have also been the sole cause of most of my “bad” luck.  And most of that has turned out to be very LUCKY!  

      I hope all of you can stay flexible but not limp.  And I wish all of you nothing but horseshoes and shamrocks.