One only has to deal with either of my offspring to realize that being hard-bearded, driven, draw a line in the dirt, goal oriented issues–is a genetic trait.  I will take the blame for this.  Is this a Kelln trait or derived from the Schneider side?  How about double-bred on the sire side.  Now, throw in some genetics from the maternal side.  What do you get?  Two damn great kids if you ask the Dragon Lady.

However, at least one of these kids inherited a cool gene that involves recognizing cool music.  Both actually got this gene (from me) but one is POSITIVE while the other may just be a carrier.   I got a text tonight from the favorite daughter about a collaboration song that involves a cool chick and a dead guy.  Hunh?!?

Yep.  A little ditty from Sheryl Crow and Johnny Cash.  Redemption Day.  I’m not hear to tell anybody that this is the best duet/song/video whatever.  It’s just bad ass.  Pick a cause.  It applies.  Personal–Political–Religon (No kidding, it was released on Good Friday.)  This song applies.

How powerful is a well placed piano note?  Listen to that song and you will know.

The ironic thing about Kela texting me to check out this song, was the timing.  I don’t need any redemption on the political side.  Personally, I don’t need many friends but I strongly value the ones that I call friend.  Friend is a powerful, powerful term with me.  Religion–I will want and need redemption until the day that I pass…and then some more.  Jesus himself gathered a few days until redemption.  I’m pretty sure a few days won’t suffice for me, nor any of you reading this.

I can feel this typing getting dark.  We ain’t having no part of that.  I spent Thursday in my rightful place… in a pickup hauling livestock.  There isn’t a sale barn in the NW OK, TX panhandle or SW kansas that deals with sheep and goats.  So, I made a mile or three and headed towards Pawnee, OK.  Dumped some critters on 6 different tickets.  Then, I headed towards Braggs, OK.  I had to put a $20 bill into the turnpike fund machine.  It kicked me back gold coins instead of dollar bills.

We made it to the Isbell family compound.  No luck for us.  The women were gone being productive… which left us with Gary.  Cattle were looked at in many pastures.  I’m not sure what county or state we were in.  LOTS OF TREES.  But, we saw good calves.  Then, it got dark and Gary said lets go to a Mexican joint in Warner.   Dude, Fargo to Warner is a bit of a drive.  I’d do it again.

The doctor has me on 90 ounces of water a day.  PEOPLE, 90 ounces per day means that you piss a lot.  I was also “allowed” to drive as long as I broke it into 90 minute intervals.  Dude, there was a time or two that I needed to stop just so I could get rid of part of that 90 ounces of water.  Got in about 1 am, checked does.  Crashed for a few hours, did chores and headed to CDE practice.  Then off to sort calves.  Good day.  If I was any better they would call me Mr. Greg TravASS Simonson.    Junior.

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