I’ve never had a desire to be a full-time farmer…..till now.   I now understand how those notherners that farm full-time with no livestock make it through the days during the winter months.  They all have a big ass, well insulated, heated shop.  They weld, tinker and work on equipment during the day, all while drinking.  No stock to worry about birthing, dying, waterering, doctoring or feeding.  Make sure the generator has gas and the well has a heat lamp.  And that there is either a clear path, through the snow, back to the house.  That, or a cot in that big-ass, heated shop.

Cheers to those in northern tier states that raise livestock.  I’ve written it before but congrats on your dedication.

In the next day or so, we will start dealing with some first-world kind of problems.  Like hooking a generator up to the solar wells in order to fill cattle tanks.  Once again, your president and his cohort ass-clowns can take their anti-fossil fuel agendas and put them where their heads are already located–directly up somebody else’s ass.   At this juncture in time, a developed nation cannot operate without the use of fossil fuels of some sort.  Sure, we need to be cleaner and more efficient.  But, there has to be a reality check.  Yes, we need to be looking for alternatives fuel sources.

Decades ago, on a misty Saturday morning, I stopped in to the Waynoka CooP.  There was a group of guys there.  One particular cowboy was in the midst of the coffee drinkers.  He always had a way with words.  Somebody asked him if he was back in good graces with his wife.  I will never forget his reply.  The reply had no profanity yet, one might not want a young un to read the following.

“I would say that the only way that I was to enter human flesh is if I was to stick my own thumb, up my own ass.”

And that is how I think of the current weather conditions as well as the clown show in the 20003 zip code.

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