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Monday came and no Randy.

Tuesday, I got to work before 7 am.  Randy was sitting on the porch, next to the row of lawn mowers, waiting.  We went inside and went to my office.  Eric, the parts manager, was there as well.

“Sorry I didn’t make it to work but that plumbing deal was rough.  I got it done bout 6 that night.  I went inside and made me a Swanson dinner and was sitting there eating it while watching Wheel of Fortune.  Ursula came in and threw a pillow at me.  I threw it back.  She got pissed, went to the bedroom and came back out and shot me.”

Wait, what? RUSM?  Shot?

“Yeah, she shot me with an air rifle.”


“Swear!  I broke my TV dinner tray trying to get out of the line of fire.”   He pulled his shirt up and low and behold, damn straight an air rifle wound.  No doubt!   (u sensing a trend yet?)

Since, I am somewhat of an expert on air rifle wounds, I let him start work.  It was mostly good for a couple of years.  (more stories to come)


When I was twelve.  I kind of accidentally shot my baby brother with an air rifle.  I thought that I would pump the Crosman pellet/BB gun up a few times and see what a straight shot of air would do.  I had already shot the Ranger Rick stuffed raccoon.  And Daniel was sitting there in his Superman underoos…I mean hell, what harm could be done.  It’s just air.  A couple of pumps, aim, pull the trigger, and OH HELL!  He just slumped over and there is a hole in the superman logo.  I didn’t think the gun was loaded.  Not my fault.


Long story short, Daniel still has a BB in his liver.  Oh, this happened on, like the 23rd of December.  Great Christmas present to the family.

But, now he is fine and works for Western Equipment.  The wheels on the bus go round and round.


Started moving out bred does.  Bracing for another snow storm.  Still got some does to breed–not all mine.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  Peace.  Stay positive yet test negative.


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