Random…Way Random!

     As I start to hit this keyboard, a song is kicking off on iTunes.  It is a TRUE classic–Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture.  Yes, this tune is actually in my tunes selection, along with several other classics.  The problem that I am having with this song, on this night, is that as the song plays, all I can envision is the ending of a great American classic movie–“Caddyshack”.  Gopher holes blowing up, golf bets being ruined, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight & Chevy Chase with stupid looks on their faces and Bill Murray slinking off after causing all of this damage.  Great song, but that is an absolute GREAT movie.  

      I only remember paying money for a Pot Pie once in my life.  And that was a couple of years ago, at Mom’s Restaurant in Phoenix.  It was way good.  During the winter months, a Schwan’s pot pie is Tammy’s go-to-meal for something that shuts me up.  It’s like she cooked it, but really didn’t. And I eat it.  In all actuallity, a pot pie is against most of my beliefs.  I don’t like left-overs.  I dang sure don’t like casseroles.  And these pot pies, kind of, but not really qualify as both.  It’s kind of like a stock show.  It all depends on presentation.  

      On this fine evening, my mother and my wife are headed to OKC.  So, my mom made a pot pie for me.  Complete in an actual corning ware bowl and even had instructions on it, written on a sticky note (my style).  Then, an updated instruction was texted to me.  The WHOLE process depended on me turning the oven on for myself.  I can run a smoker.  A boiling pot…I’m good.  A grill….I’m better than most, as good as some.  On occasion, I turn the microwave on for a litle bit.  The stove/oven….I paid for it, why should I know how to use it?  Ha!!  I haven’t tasted it yet as it is still too EFFING hot, but it smells as good as a fresh rain on an alfalfa meadow.  

      Random question of the day.  Is there a better heat absorption tool than a pot pie?  They stay hot FOREVER!  Burnt tongue.  Yes. Taste buds.  Not so much, anymore 

     The flush deal continues still.  Two live births today.  Both DOE KIDS!  At least they are alive.  I don’t know what the Chinese calendar is this year, but at Kelln Livestock, 2014 has been the year of the doe kid. I’m ready for this year to end. 

     Riddle me this.  How come these weather forecasters can tell us within a few minutes, what time the cold front will hit but can’t get close on a rain?  These people are like Peyton Manning throwing completions (high completion percentage) on calling a cold front moving in to your neck of the neighborhood.