Let’s get random like a wandering pot bellied pig.  Who knows where it is going next?  (By the way, I saw one tonight)  Talk about random crap.  I’m a mile and a half south of Fargo, OK on my way home tonight, listening to Winger and is that a dog, or a….I think it is… a….WTH?….Is that a…holy Batman, that is a pig going out of the ditch into that yard towards that guy.  That was a fat bastard…the pig not the guy.  Too bad we didn’t see that pig near kitty-qway last year.  Listen….Listen….

Did you hear about the lady that backed into the airplane propeller?  It disaster.  Say it slow.  Like in 3 syllables. Get it?

     So, I bought a pair of wethers on an online auction while we were traveling to Boston.  I had not seen them, but had been in contact with the breeder.  I have bought several goats online from this breeder and have not been led wrong.  Anyways, I haven’t been able to get away from work to head to south texas to pick them up.  Sunday night, Big Bill mentioned that he knew somebody that might drive to get them–for a price.  He called me on Monday evening and said, “I got a guy.”  I asked, “Who?”  He said, “Ron Cox”.  I was like, well son-of-a-gun, I wouldn’t have thought of him, but I should have.  You see, Ron is a driving son-of-a-     Which means if it has wheels, wings, jets or a prop, he can drive it.  Ron and his wife and son(and now his wife and kids) have always been Kelln family favorites and for that matter, Shattuck favorites.  In his spare time, Ron drives to pick up cars for the local car dealer in Shattuck.  However, he doesn’t normally drive 17 hours round trip and haul a pair of goats home.  And he doesn’t normally deal with livestock until it is on a grill.  But when Bill said Ron will do it, I was all in.  

   Anyways, Ron made it there and back with no problems other than a bit of a credit card issue.  You see, he had my card and he isn’t me.  But, he got fuel and kept rolling.  Guess what I learned from Ron on this trip?  He didn’t get a speeding ticket.  I guess it isn’t the pickup but the driver that causes us to get pulled over in Menard county.  Then again, maybe it is the pickup.  Once again, there was a damn fine pair of wethers unloaded out of that popper.  It was in the dark when I put them in a pen last night and it was dark when I fed this morning.  But after further examination by Duke and myself this evening, it was agreed that this pair have a chance to be dang nice wethers.  I will continue to be a repeat online buyer.  

     Upon further research, it wasn’t the chinese that hacked me.  It was that a&m quarterback that can’t stay out of the news or off twitter.   Then again, the letters just looked like they spelled that last name.  Maybe it was that korean dictator that hangs out with the worm.  How about that crap?  Dennis Rodman as an ambassador.  I mean…that is the true definition of WTF?  Dennis Rodman–peace negotiator.  

      I don’t want to seem bi-polar, but I like pickles.  Not whole pickles and very few sliced pickles.  I have a specific brand of sliced hamburger dill pickles that I really like.  I’m talking straight out of the jar kind of like.  Somebody else must eat this brand, as it isn’t a national brand, but the Dragon Lady doesn’t seem to have problems keeping me in stock.  Guess what?  Duke eats them like candy, too.    You know what’s wrong with this part of this blog?  You are reading this, thinking “He’s writing about pickles?” and you are sitting there trying to guess what brand of pickles I like.  And I’m the one with the problems?  Hhmm?

      As I am writing this, “Smokey & the Bandit” has came on the TV.  Big Enis and Lil Enis are trying to hire the Bandit.  I always laugh when I see this.  I have a good customer that reminds me of Lil Enis.  The double en-tandre’s in this movie kill me.  (I don’t have spell check on this blog and I don’t know how to spell en-tandre).  

     Well, that is about enough random crap for one night.  But, I will tell you this little tid bit of info….I have to go to Helms sale on Saturday morning.  I need wethers and I know that there will be a need for a driver to get me home.  Why?  The beer?  No!  I will eat so dang many potato burritos and tamales that I will be incapacitated until about Tuesday morning.  That is why they make plungers.