Random Wednesday

       I am rapidly approaching 44 years of age and I have finally figured out what I want to do with my life.  I aspire to be a “combat lightsaber specialist”.  Ironically, this was the same thing that I wanted to do when I was 7 years old.  After, I got older, I realized that they didn’t make a light saber like Darth Vader used.  So, I decided that I wanted to be THE POPE.  I just didn’t realize the force(s) that would push me in other directions.  At this point in my life, I’m REAL sure that I have a better chance of becoming a “combat lightsaber specialist”.  

      So far there have been a couple of un-obtainable items that have been on my wish list for a long time.  And if I found a Genie lamp, rubbed it and the Genie popped out and gave me one wish and that wish was to choose between an actual fully operational light saber or a penguin for supper, then my choice will be the actual fully operational light saber.  Because I am fairly sure that if I had an actual fully operational light saber, then I could get a penguin to put on a grill.  Maybe, just maybe, I’m wrong.  I doubt it.  Unless, of course, Yoda was defending all of the penguins and he too was armed with a light saber.  If that’s the case, well, I’m probably still going to be without a penguin and will probably be minus a limb or two.  

     There are some questions that I ponder at times.  Why aren’t there any Walrus hide boots?  I would think that those would be some tough boots.  

     Did you ever notice: When you put the two words ‘The’ and ‘IRS’ together it spells ‘Theirs’?  This just seems appropriate as we near the month of April.  And yes, I know that IRS is not an actual word, but an acronym.  But, at this time of year, IRS is a dirty word for some.  

     It seems like the OYE show just got over and people are already filling their pens with steers, goats and lambs.  The only time that this circle of life ends is when the last kid graduates.  Then, the parents get a raise, because college tuition is cheaper than wood chips, feed bills, steers or wethers.  

     Midwest showers, Northerners, Yankees, whatever the term that you use for those that show in states other than Texas and Oklahoma are smarter than Texans and Okies.  Why you ask?  They get done with their state fairs in August and then empty the pens.  Alright, some will have animals for Kansas City or Louisville.   Then they are done in November.  Even if they show at Denver, they are done in mid January.  Then, they take a couple of months off and reload.  Not us mental midgets in the SW.  WE eat crayons for breakfast and have animals on feed year-round and then we wonder why there is fungus & ringworm problems and that wierd coccidi runs that always seems to be lurking.  

      I can tell you that if you plant a greenhouse full of plants, then leave to go to stock shows for a couple of weeks, have good help taking care of watering, that when you come back, the greenhouse will look like a jungle.  I’m pretty sure that we could lose an 8th grader or two amongst the vegetation that is growing in this greenhouse.  

     I apologize to those of you that read this and don’t feel any smarter.  I can’t give this time back to you.  You made the choice to click to this site.  But, you can look forward to future posts that will actually contain viable information.  Although, you are still thinking about those walrus hide boots.  

Have a good day and a better tomorrow.