Random Thoughts

Had to do a few items recently that require a notary public. It came to me that I don’t know any male notary publics. Why is this?


Had a guy come in and buy a used new holland baler. I am always glad to get rid of that off brand crap like something from new holland. This guy came in about 9:30 AM. He was smoked. I mean whiskey-ed up, sideways smoked, at 9:30 AM! That was the model of baler that he wanted, the amount he wanted to spend and it was ready to be his. He paid for it and left. Good deal for both parties.

Today, I had to make a trip north of Enid to work on a combine so I took Ransom, one of our mechanics, with me. I was telling him about the guy drunk at 9:30 in the morning. Upon listening to the story, Ransom came up with an interesting observation. He said, ” Its hard to drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.” I might have to put that slogan on a t-shirt and sell next to beer coolers at quick stops.

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