Random thoughts on Resale & other crap

I often hear the phrase, “The doe kids look really good, but the wethers are still green.” YES!! That would almost always be a correct statement. Why? It’s simple. The wethers have had their horns burnt. Then, they got their brains banded. This should be a tool for reading green goats. If the doe kids look good, then use some imagination to project what the wethers will look like in a couple of weeks. Resale–Having been in the ag equipment business for several years, I understand the value of RESALE. Blue and Red tractors will NOT hold their resale value. Orange ones aren’t bad and green ones are the industry standard. Tonight, in the goat world, we got to look at true market value of several bucks. One was under-used, but still held (or improved) his market value. The other had been used in numerous flush programs and several herds and as a result, his market value was way down. I saw both of these goats when they were young. I really wanted one, but had spent a pile on Rumour Has It. I could only afford so much. The other one. I have been amazed at how many people wanted some of that action. Thanks to a capitalistic market system, the buyers have proved me right. I really enjoy the questions on how to feed, how to pick (from a certain breeder(s) ), how to show, how, what, why, where, when, RUSM?!? Call that breeder and ask them. This is a recurring problem. Think about it. If you haven’t bought a goat from me, why should I answer your questions about a Helms/Pfeiffer/whoever the heck? Call them. Ask them. This isn’t a charity. We aren’t UNICEF. I like to help, but there are limits. My life has been turned upside down this summer. Once, by my own decisions. The next, well, not so much the plan that I was looking for. Almost all of it can be blamed on me. I have learned that time & knowledge are valuable commodities. Here’s to all of you having nothing but horseshoes and shamrocks. Have a good day.