Random Thoughts

Thank you to all that called, bid and/or bought in last night’s buck sale.  I wasn’t sure if any of them would get a bid as right now, I have no desire to own another piece of livestock.  I could understand why the rest of the world would be of the same mindset.

It is of interest to note, that 4 of the 5 bucks went to either coast where they aren’t fighting this current frozen tundra.  Which means that Bob May is going to profit more from this sale than Milligan will.  Haaaa!!!

The next sale pics are posted.  Give me a holler.  I’ll gladly talk them.

I’ve never been banned from book face.  Personally, I don’t post much.  Most of my posts are for the Shattuck FFA page.  However, I find it amusing when somebody gets put in book face jail.  I do know of a guy that would like to kick Zuckerberg’s ribs out.  He might be old, but I bet he could do it.

I just finished filling out some required-by-law U.S. census report online.  This deal took awhile.  I hate giving out info as one just never knows what they are doing with the info.

Years ago, I wrote a post about the Polish people.  Once again, this under-rated nation might be leading the charge.  Do some homework and read up on how they are handling the social media giant removing/banning posts.  I bet you haven’t heard anything about this on your American news channels.

It’s not warm but it could be worse.  I guess.  At the least the wind isn’t howling.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  Stay warm and take care of the stock.

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