Random Sunday

      I’m pretty sure that Barnthouse can get from Blackwell to Fargo quicker than I can.  He and his co-pilot made good time.  They picked up “Blood Pressure”  and took him to Kay County.  I like the name for this bad-ass buck and I am excited to see the future results of “Blood Pressure”.  I’ve been on the buying end of these kind of high dollar deals, and they will make your blood pressure elevate–part nerves, part excitement and part just knowing that this deal is going to work.  This deal will work.   

      I’ve spent the last four days of my life moving equipment to and from and serving a sentence at the Woodward fairgrounds at some NON-farm expo.  I’ve seen more heavyweight women wearing sweatpants and flip-flops than I care to ever see again.  Lots of visible tattoos.  Not a fun deal.  I’m just glad that it is over.  How glad?  Compared to doing this expo again or choosing between a dentist visit or having my nuts snipped again–I will take BOTH–the dentist AND the snip as long as neither Dr. uses any tool harsher than pliers.  No anesthesia, just take the pliers, grab, twist and pull.  Either end.  It will be less painful than attending that ordeal again.  I am thankful that I have a really good crew that works for me.  

      I like to occassionally watch the show Modern Marvels.  Well, I saw one this afternoon.  Our Colorado friends showed up to pick up a goat or two and some feed.  The marvel was watching them “waterproof”  the feed and the use of lumber as a cargo retention device.  Very good use of space.  Hats off to that crew and thanks for the early present.  Although, I really like girl scout cookies “Samoas”, I am sure that this present will help me in my future endeavors.   Guys, tell the ladies thanks again and send me big reports of winners.  

      Holy jeeminy!  I am watching Garth and George sing “Happy Birthday” to Merle Haggard.  How cool is that?  Great acceptance speech by the voice of “Okie from Muskogee” and “Mama Tried”.  Where’s Willie?  Oh, over by that smoke ring.   Great country artists.  These other clowns that they currently play on country stations will be forgotten in the near future.  And to anybody that wants to tell me that Luke Bryan or these other red nosed, floppy shoe wearing clowns that call themselves country compare to George Strait, Waylon, Willie, Garth, etc.  I have two letters of the alphabet for you and they are the letters F and U.  

      Tip of the cap to the new owners of Batman and Moneybags.  Crazy.  Who the heck just up and sells genetics like that on a whim?  Take advantage when the opportunity is there.  Money well spent.        

      Hold on!  RUSM?  WTF?  I like LL Cool J but he is giving out an award at the CMA event.  What?  Well at least he announced the right name.  King George.  Think about this.  George Strait got his college degree to be an…..Ag Teacher.  How about that dang neart close encounter of a bad career move?  High houred, low paying job or be on the Mt. Rushmore with Elvis of big time music artists.  

      And anybody that thinks this blog is lacking intelligience, well I’ve got a thread of text messages for you to read that proves that there are lower level life forms.  Have a good evening and a better tomorrow.  Mini-ponies and some tall dude wearing a wife beater and a red carnival cowboy hat.  I’m out.