Random Sunday Evening Thoughts

I’m going to start on a negative note.  The Atlanta airport needs to hire Dr. Temple Grandin in order to learn how to move livestock in a safe and productive manner.  There can NOT be a more UNfriendly airport than Atlanta.  Rude people, bad directions and it is a Sunday so I am being nice….. And to think, this is where most foreign visitors fly into the US.  And this is their first view of the United States.  Hunh?!  No wonder the rest of the world doesn’t like us.  If my perception of the United States was formed by visiting the Atlanta airport, well, I’d probably think that we were all rude, lazy turds as well.  Change the channel.

There we go.  That’s better.  Kind of like changing channels from the dnc convention over to a cooking station.  It’s just better.  Are we baking cupcakes or using mom’s recipe to make peach pie.  No matter, I am in a better mood.  I had the honor to judge a show in the great state of Georgia.  I wouldn’t have done it, but I had a feeling that there were good goats there.  Good goats have been heading to that state for several years now.  The opportunity arose, so, I thought that I better go and see for myself.  I am glad that I did.  

To start with, the goats were good.  Real good.  How good?  I’m talking Okie/Texan wicked good quality. Lots of name brand stuff.  (NO stuff sold by Kelln). The showmanship quality was better than I expected.  Deep in good showmen.  Feeding and fitting was good.  I’m telling you that the goats and the presentation were really fun to look at.  GOOD!  

If you are a breeder that is sending goats to Georgia, well, you better send a dang good one if you want to win.  Impressive set of goats that were well shown and well presented.  

Early in the show, there was a showmanship class of upperclass high school kids.  There was a pair of young men, side by side, showing goats.  Both were good sized lads. Not fat, just big boned, healthy lads.  I looked at them and asked if they were offensive linemen.  They replied “No, sir.”  I asked, “Do you play football?”  One of them replied, “No sir.”  I then asked, “Well, then what do you do?”   With conviction, he passionately replied, “Sir.  I show goats and I LOVE to judge livestock.”  RUKM?  This deal is for real.  He didn’t win, but if I don’t write about 2 good looking guys in the near future, text me and I will tell the rest of the story.  

As for the show…quality of goats—comparable to Texas & Oklahoma.  Showmanship–better than most, not as good as some, which means that there are some wicked good showmanship skills in Georgia.  The show itself–off the charts!  I’ve been a little bit down about stock shows for the past year or two.  I get sick of the dirty pool, lotsuv of $s and bad feelings.  This weekend relieved of a lot of that.  I came home refreshed and remembering what I LOVE about a livestock show.  THANKS!

To start with, the hospitality was off the charts.  Southern hospitality–yes sir!  The show management took care of everything.  This show was well ran with lots of support.  There was state ag-ed staff announcing AND her husband was working the arena.  There were college kids helping.  Parents, ag teachers, supporters, alumni and sponsors.  I’m saying lots of people, working together.  This was a top-shelf kind of show.  

I know, I know… you want to know the downside to this show.  I’ll tell you and tell you bluntly…in true Kelln fashion.  The only downside to this show was the judge.  The damn judge took too long to get through the showmanship part of the show.  That’s my fault.  There was a dang nice buckle at stake for every age group.  And a buckle means a lot to those kids.  And, I didn’t miss a thing.   However, on a positive note, a “thorough”  judge is good for the profitability of a concession stand.  And no kid was overlooked and…..well helll, I’m out of excuses.  I like looking at really good animals and working with even better kids.  

Upon flying into Atlanta, my chaffeur picked me up and we met up with a couple for supper.  It was a dang nice supper.  That supper was like plugging a cell phone into a charger.  I can tell you what I ate–filet mignon.  And what I drank–un-sweet tea  (not a common drink in Georgia).  But that isn’t what charged me up.  Listening to these 3 career ag-ed teachers put me in a good place. None of the three said anyting that was a memorable quote.  But all 3 were passionate about their craft.  Very professional, yet VERY passionate.    Now, fast forward to late Saturday evening (because of a slow judge), I went to dinner at an IHOP (can’t go wrong there) with a group of stock show supporters.  Some had shown, some were parents, some were alumni, some were supporters, some had done well, some not as well as they had wanted to and none them acted like there had even been a show that day.  Between listening to these people, the kids, the parents, watching, listening, dang, people…..this was a good trip for a burnt up old curmedgeon.  

When the food was brought to the tables and a young girl in the group asked to give the prayer (30ish people in an IHOP with a 14 or 15 year old saying grace at 10ish pm on a Saturday night?  We don’t have a problem in our nation.  We have a problem with leaders in our nation.) the parents all just assumed the position.  No worrying about whose kid or whatever?  Hats off to the parents, teachers and everybody else involved.  This never goes out of style.

When that phone rang at the hostess stand, I felt like I needed to answer it.  I apoligize.  But, yeah, I would do it again.  

I did enjoy the fact that on Friday, I got to drive Kela to OKC to the airport.  This has always been Dragon Lady territory.  But this time, Kela flew west at 1:30 and I headed east at 3:30.  So I got the honors. We had time for lunch together.  Then I behaved myself around Will Rogers World Airport for a couple of hours.  I was in a pretty contented place  just thinking about all of the miles that Kela has traveled in the past few years.

Let’s summarize my weekend.  Great hospitality.  Really good goats, even better kids. Top shelf show.  Ate at IHOP.  Had fun.  Ate good steaks.  Listened to motivational speakers who did not know that they working as motivational speakers.  Watched daughter fly to west coast again.  Refrained from choking several people in Atlanta fly station.  Not in chronological order, but best weekend in years.  

Lottery.  No, I haven’t bought any tickets in years.  The past week….kind of like a mastercard commercial.