Random Stuff

Watching this presidential candidate take the stage at this dnc, makes me want to puke.  All of her (& I use that term loosely) supporters have that smug, crappy look like a set of parents that know that they have the show already rigged.  I don’t have a good feeling about the upcoming elections.  I am all for a woman president, but that deal don’t smell right, look right, sound right or feel right.  If it looks like a POS, sounds like a POS or smells like a POS, it IS a POS.  

It is not a well-hidden fact that I like watching kids succeed.  Especially, my own.  It has been fun to have the world traveler home for a couple of weeks.  Our 2 kids are the same, but different.  It has also been fun to watch the younger one work, learn and look up to friends that are willing/ wanting to help a young person learn.  Several people were here today and they left with fresh eggs, okra, taters, etc.  Better yet, Tammy cooked up a pile of that stuff along with some wicked good smoked pork chops.  No  muslim-extremists ate supper with us tonight.  

For that matter, no pig haters ate breakfast with us either. I like to brag about excellent restaurants on my travels, but at times, I forget about those close to home.  We had some Texas friends in the neighborhood so we met them in Woodward for breakfast at the PollyAnna Cafe.  The pancakes were huge.  Duke and I both gave up before we got done with our blueberry pancakes.   

I did witness the impossible earlier today.  I never thought that I would see the day that James Sweet would actually part with a high quality doe.  It hurt him.  But, he did sell one.  

Speaking of being in a good mood, spend time watching Adele video clips on late night shows.  That chick is awesome.  I would be in favor of Adele for president of the USA.  What?  You say that she isn’t a citizen.  Neither is that turd that you have for a president now.  And do you really want to claim hillary as a citizen?   

I haven’t been in a very good mood about the goat industry lately, but I do have a pen or two that puts me in a better mood about the future.  

Cheerio!  Horseshoes and shamrocks to all and I hope that all of you have a better tomorrow.