Random stories

     So, the other day, I was out of iced tea at the dealership.  I haven’t had a mountain dew in over a week, so being out of tea could become a bit of an issue.  On this morning, a customer was at Mandy’s desk as I came back from the kitchen in the shop.  I told Mandy to get me some tea at Chicken Express (they have good tea) when she goes to the bank.  She allowed that Chicken Express wouldn’t be open at 10 AM when she goes to the post office and the bank.  The customer allowed that he was headed to that part of town and would pick some up.  Mandy told him that it won’t be open.

     Anyways, 30 minutes later and the customer walks back in carrying a glass of iced tea and a gallon jug of tea.  I was on the phone so I just made faces and twitched for a minute trying to figure out how he got the tea at 9 am.  He stood there grinning.  I got off the phone and said, “They aren’t open!  How the heck?”  

He said, “The front door was open so I walked in.  They weren’t “open” but since I was already inside, they sold me some tea.”

     Now, here’s the deal.  Brandon Bruce was the customer that delivered the tea.  If you know Brandon, then you already find the humour in this story.  If you don’t know him, well, you should.  He and his family show goats with us.  Good people.  Brandon is not a small guy.  Not fat, just a big, stout guy with big PAWS, solid foundations, and normally has some facial hair working.  

     Now imagine that you dropped out of high school last year and are working at the chicken express and you didn’t lock the front door when you came in to start frying up some chicken, gizzards, okra or livers.  Now, sasquatch jr. walks in at 9 am and orders some tea.  Hell yes they gave him the tea.  He probably didn’t even have to pay for it.  Fearfully, some kid, just hands it over–“Please don’t hurt me.  Take the tea.”  No matter, I am grateful that I had some tea to make it through the next day or two.  Brandon’s the kind of guy that can get things done.  Although, I bet they now lock the door of a morning.

     We have to have safety meetings at work, once a month.  I put together a committee and put them in charge.  This is good that I know these 3 employees will get it done.  But, they also always schedule it around a meal.  Sometimes, it’s just juice and donuts.  Sometimes, I have to buy pizza for everybody.  Today, they wanted Thanksgiving dinner.  And I got nominated to smoke a turkey and a ham.  Which I did.  All of the employees brought sides and dessert.  Spouses attended.  It was a really good dinner.  I’m thankful to have a good set of employees and we all get along.  A job is always better when you get along with the people that you work with.  The only problem with this dinner was that I smoked the meat at home.  Then I put it in the cab of the pickup and headed to the store for lunch.  The boneless ham road on a plate 18 miles, wrapped in foil.  As I turned into the drive of the dealership, I hit a bump as I turned left and the ham rolled right.  It rolled perfectly so as to land where the one end of the foil worked as a funnel and dumped the smoked ham juices right into the carpet on the passenger side.  So, if you get in my pickup and suddenly have a craving for a ham sandwich, that’s why.  I’m sure the smell will linger. 

     On a goat note, I’ve had a bit of a kidding barn project going.  Concrete, barn, pens, etc.  We are now nearing the electrical phase.  I called my Mom to ask about a diagram that I had seen of where all the electrical lines on this property run.  And sewer, plumbing, etc.  She sent me the book.  It is a journal of EVERYTHING my Grandpa Duke spent money on from 1942-1956.  It just also happens to have all of the updated schematics.  Reading through this old ledger is fun.  Land bought, land sold, feed, fuel, seed, livestock, crop production, cream & eggs, dr. clothes, labor, buildings, repairs, donations, watch repairs, stamps, film developed for .53 cents, &  misc.  I MEAN everything.  I have come to realize that Grandpa was way more organized than I am and he has legible penmanship.  This deal is awesome.  Oh and the schematics are exact.