Random Saturday Afternoon

    There are going to be some high dollar bucks selling next week.  I went and looked at them again.  I really like lots 1 & 4.  I’ve spent too much money lately, so I’m not in a buying mood.  I actually got mud on my pickup near Turkey, TX.  That and the rain has washed the predator wasps away.  

      That moment when you make the decision,”Yeah, these aren’t good shoes anymore.  I can wear them in that pen.”  It just randomly happens.

      Well cared for, older, John Deere equipment always sells well.  I saw several items sell really high this morning at an area auction.  They had been well maintained and barn kept and they sold well.  I was hoping to swipe a few bargains.  I hardly got to bid.  

       I’m not much of a soccer fan, but it is amazing how the rest of the world truly gets excited for the World Cup.  We think the Super Bowl, the world series and March Madness are big.  These events pale in comparison to the World Cup.  The fans are truly fanatical.  And what little I’ve watched, it seems like there are a lot of attractive women at these matches.  

      I’ve got a busy week ahead of me getting wethers and does ready to sell at Norman and Perry.  I am real pleased with this set of goats.  They are mostly Rumours with some Rainman mixed in.  We’ll see what the week brings on which ones I will take.  

       Have a good day.