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If you can, look up Mike Rowe’s posts on Facebook.  Yes,  that is the Dirty Jobs guy.  I like following this guy.  He gets it.  His latest post about farmers is good.  Wicked Good!  The U.S. farmer provides the most abundant, safest and healthiest food supply that the world has ever seen and does it on less land and with more restrictions and requirements.  He brings up the point that EVERYTHING on the news affects agriculture.  He is correct.  Hurricane, freeze, foreign trade, wars, immigration, fuel prices and the list keeps going.  We can pay these athletes X amount of dollars, but the day is coming when true agriculturists will be a valued commodity.  It is simple…we all have to eat.

And since I have been looking on the Socially Transmitted Disease known as Facebook, I love the Donnie Baker video about not trusting the media.  That dude ain’t right in the head, but he is right.  Oh, the part about the dude that doesn’t like fake but likes Pamela Anderson….yeah, I laughed.  A lot.

I also saw a post from one of the good Kelln’s about working cattle.  Becky Kelln was helping my middle brother and his two kids work calves.  I love it.  For one, Becky can out work just about anybody.  Two, I love the fact that these Kelln Kids are taking a break from sports to work cattle.  My middle brother Jake was an elite athlete.  If it had a ball, this kid could play it but baseball was the specialty.  How good?  All State.  JUCO and then lots of accolades in sr. college.  The ball just never bounced his way to make it a career.  Oh, his wife might have played college basketball as well.  Yes, these kids are going to be athletes.

When he was being scouted by the majors, a Kansas City Royals scout called me.  This was cool.  He was trying to get the mindset of the family if Jake got drafted.  Dad was working in the former Soviet Union at the time.  We are talking mid-90s at this point and Dad was instrumental in helping the new Russia develop an ag credit program.  So, I got the phone call.  I told that scout that there was no worries signing Jake Kelln.  I said, “Give him a bus ticket or plane ticket to where he needs to report plus a roll of copenhagen and that kid is ready to play ball.”  The scout laughed and said, “You are the second person to tell me that.”  I then had a conversation about why it is harder to sign middle class white kids versus hispanics or even rich white kids.  This scout allowed that the middle class family is more likely to try for more signing bonus money whereas the others don’t care—just play ball.  Jake could have made it but for two problems—the others, as we now know, were juiced.  And then he had an accident that damaged an eye.  Hard to play ball with one good eye.  Although, I think that he still could.

I tell you this because back about 1988, I remember working a load of cattle for C.Q. Kelln, my grandpa, at his place near Higgins, TX.  Dad made Jake help us.  It was a cold day in early April.  Jake did NOT want to be there.  He had his hands buried in his pockets.  Then, Dad made Jake start cutting calves. There was some stern discussions.  Jake was like “give me that knife” and went to cutting calves.  He then wanted to keep that job as he allowed that “his hands were warm”.  And now, that athlete manages a large Co-oP and runs cattle.  It all comes full circle.  We all have to eat.  Of course, this dude, much like the youngest brother and myself have been surrounded by strong work ethic, morals and the opportunities to work towards goals.  Then, we found hot wives that are of similar mind sets.  It is a simple recipe.

And we aren’t the only ones.  If you are reading this stuff, you are too.  I deal with lots of good kids that are backed with work ethic, values, and morals.  As do you.  The media just doesn’t spend time on the positives.  And yes, there are positives.  Lots and lots of them.

Speaking of simple recipes, I had the honor of eating a home-made chicken pot pie on this fine evening.  Tammy is taking a class.  Duke doesn’t cook for others and my mom made me a pot pie. GREAT!  It only took 30 minutes to cook and then 4 hours to cool down enough to eat.  The heat holding properties of a pot pie should be studied by elite scientists.  Unreal!

People, it is all good and tomorrow will be better.  If not, we will wish it would have been. Have a good one.

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