Random, random, random

I have been sicker than all get out since Monday night.  No gut problems.  Just severe aches and wicked, wicked chills and shakes.  I’ve still taken care of business but I have managed to steer clear of people.   I told Tammy to shoot me on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I’m still surprised that she didn’t take me up on it.  I think that she had a guilty conscience.  Because I have since found out that she had this shit while I was gone to state contests & convention and that she slept on my pillow.

I watched some videos of SNL with Tom Hanks on Black Jeapordy. Funny stuff.  I heard a comment of somebody saying that Jeapordy will be playing in hell.  Not for me.  That would be heaven.  Especially if it had categories covering Wether Goat Genetics, Law & Order, Rock Music, Frosty Beverages and Star Wars.  Let’s make this a true daily double, Alex.

Speaking of Star Wars, some of Kela’s friends took her to Disneyland for her birthday.  Yes, she did get to meet Vader and Chewie.  Sure, it wasn’t THE real thing.  But she allowed as it is as close as one can get.  Yes, Vader had the voice and Chewbacca dang sure did the Wookie roar.   Oh, and I got an inflatable remote control R2D2 given to me.  Much wasted time in my future I see.

And on that Star Wars note.  We don’t know who Annakin’s dad actually was.  Nor do we know Yoda’s lineage.  But we don’t give a rat’s ass when they are that cool.

People, I have an FFA banquet tonight and Duke’s graduation (and after party) tomorrow night.  Peace out and have a good one.


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