Random, random, and just a little bit off center

     Got in late.  Did chores….late.  Ate supper…late.  Put a couple of does into the kidding barn…not late…as they aren’t due for a couple of days, but I would rather lock them up early than be late and wish that I would have.   I’m now sitting down to this keyboard to dispense high quality RANDOM info.  Wait……wait…..decided that I might want a glass of my namesake crushed grapes in a bottle.  It is a merlot called Fat Bastard.  It is high in anti-oxidants, good for the cardiovascular system and well, just pleasing to the palate.  Speaking of good for the heart….Toni Basil singing “Mickey”.  Classic video.  Classic one hit wonder.  But that song has staying power.  Thirty some years old and cheer leaders still use this song.  

     Had a cool text from Mike Booth this evening.  His daughter Morgan showed the reserve grand wether at the Muskogee Regional Show today.  This is a well-known tough district show.  The Booth family has had success with this wether this year.  They purchased him in one of our June online sales.  I would have to look for sure, but I think that he only cost like $675.  Who says that you can’t buy a good goat for the money?  Obviously they are doing a good job feeding, fitting and showing.  Congrats to the Booth Family and good luck at OYE!  

      I’ve never been enamored with trying to make all of the money in the world.  I like money, I use money, I would like some more money, but my world doesn’t revolve around just money.  However, I have spent the past few days trying to figure out a way to make a nickle or a dime off each and every bag of wood chips and bedding pellets that are used at stock shows.  JEEMINY there is a pile of cash pissed away on bedding for stock shows.  It’s scary when you just stop and think about the amount of $s spent on these wood by-products.  And then it just gets dumped in a landfill and turns into some low grade compost.  

      I am amazed at the people that text, call or stop me at shows and say, “Love the blog”.   I honestly don’t know whether to feel happy that they read this deal or if I should apologize that part of their lives were wasted while reading the stuff that spews from this keyboard.  Judging from the responses of the Low Rent deal a week or so ago, obviously lots of people agreed with it and liked it.  One thing about it, if you don’t like what you are reading here, just use your cursor to click to some other site.  And if you don’t like what you read on here, than ask me in person.  You really won’t like that.  

      The iTunes are playing and Jimmy Buffet is singing “Margaritaville”.  This makes me think about a bunch of really good parrot-mouthed does that I have scattered around.  One of these days, somebody is going to have to explain to me why a parrot-mouth is bad in the show goat world.  I understand why it is unacceptable in the pure-bred world.  But dang, it sure seems like the best goats are a little (okay, maybe a lot ) off in the mouth. Plus, I don’t seem to have a problem getting a parrot-mouth to eat and grow.  Maybe in a grazing situation, this mouth complex is a problem, but when you are in the business of raising welfare dependents, it just doesn’t matter.  

     Recieved a text from Hawaii regarding Penguins.  No, they weren’t on the menu.  But, they do have penguins in Hawaii.  Even got a text pic of how penguins are made.  Some things just aren’t right.  

      Speaking of Hawaii, how about that James and Randi Sweet couple.  They “earned” some kind of trip from some dang feed company that is sending them to Hawaii for some kind of meeting.  I need to figure out some kind of Special K feed trip to send ME to a meeting in Hawaii.  Maybe, I need to research pineapple as a feed ingredient.  At least a flavor enhancer or something.  

       Buy a goat from any breeder that you want, but don’t expect help from a different breeder.  Buy a Helms goat….great.  Heck, I do.  Buy a Pfeiffer goat….Sure, I’ve done it and will again.  Buy a Schneberger goat or a goat from Tyke, Poe, Gallagher, whoever/wherever.  It is a free country.  But don’t buy it and then expect me to coach you.  I don’t get it.  Call the breeder and ask for help.  You wouldn’t expect Bob Stoops to have to use Mike Gundy’s playbook.  Why should I have to feed other people’s purchases?  I’ll help with questions regarding a goat from the Kelln Kompound.  And I’ll help with orders that I bought.  But…..I guess that this is why most people charge for their services.  I’m just retarded.  

       Weather looks to be crappy tomorrow but will change to lovely later in the week.  Got bad news about a buddy’s family.  GOD be with them in their time of sorrow.  

     It’s late.  I’ve got to fire early (always).  My donkey is dragging.  Have a good evening or morning and have a better tomorrow.  Here’s to nothing but horseshoes and shamrocks and whatever lucky charms you might need.