Random Evening

Buck Crud

We’ve been in the goat industry for more than 15 years.  The buck crud was not a part of the industry until the past 7 or 8 years.  Now….well, it is just part of the business.  I’m talking about that stuff that gets on their crotch, scrotum, rear two legs and belly.  Scaly, crusty, and not cool.  Most bucks start shooting blanks when they get this stuff.  My guess is the elevated temperature of the scales, scabs and crud causes the swimmers to start floating and tails to start breaking.

Remedies—At first, I heard of producers using USED motor oil and coating the animals.  Then, I heard of other remedies involving big doses of Ivomec, washing with chlorhexaderm and then coating with used motor oil.  I’ve also used Nu-Stock and coated the afflicted areas.  Nu-Stock is high in sulfur, same as the used motor oil.  I’ve done it all.

However, the last two cases, I did something different.  I put the bucks on a stand.  Gave them 10 ccs of an ivermectin product and then used the cattle pour-on Cydectin.  I coated ALL of the affected areas with the purple stuff.  I scraped the crud loose and soaked the areas with that oily purple stuff.  It works.  First, that stuff is killing any mites or lice.  Second, the oily liquid works to rehydrate the skin and promotes hair growth.  I use a bunch of it.


Stupid Dog

I figure that we have the dumbest dog on the planet.  Everybody (not me) loves Ammo.  He is friendly.  He greets everyone.  But he is a moron.  He barks too much when the gator starts.  He jumps on people.  He won’t stay home.  If you are on book face, then you have seen Tammy’s pleas to help find him.  ENOUGH!

He has recently been castrated.  He is locked in a cage when we are not home.  And….AND….he now wears a shock collar to stop the barking.  Tammy first tried the vibrate setting on the dog.  I was like, “Nope.  Won’t work.  Crank it to where he twitches, pisses himself and forgets his name for 3o minutes.”

Her reply, “You’re mean.  He will learn.”    Several days later, Tammy and Duke both wait with the zapper in hand, turned to HIGH shock value, for the gator to start.  This dog does NOT want to learn.  He is definitely Duke’s dog.



Oscar Actor

I flipped the tube on while sitting down to the keyboard.  A 1993 flick called Dazed & Confused is on.  Not a great flick, but some cool stuff.  It is mostly memorable for Matthew McConaughey with his “Alright, alright, alright.”  Lots of chicks have dug his roles since then.

I still remember the report on the KATT radio of this dude being arrested in Austin, Tx while playing the bongos, naked and high on weed.  I’m not condoning any of this BUT it would have been just wrong if he was playing a snare drum or a bass drum.  Bongos kind of make it seem….appropriate.  No matter, it has not hurt his career.



I was pretty lucky to not have a bunch of zits during my teenage years.  But, when I get one, it always seems to be a pain in the ass.  Now, well past puberty and 48 years old, I got one INSIDE my left nostril.  It is obviously on top of a nerve as any pressure HURTS!  I need to pick a booger out of my left nostril but NOOOO!!!  I immediately tear up like I just got dough popped right in the beak.  At the rate I am going, I will deal with both (booger and zit) on Saturday afternoon.


Showing Does

I am not known as one that shows many does.  But, when I do, I want it to be a bad ass doe.  My resume with does is better than most that LIKE to show does.  Tyke and I did not have very many goats this year but the quality of wethers was very good.  Dang neart every group that came and looked made a purchase.  However, the best kid born in this part of the world was not a male specimen.  I didn’t have many doe kids (THANKS be to GOD), but I do enjoy looking at these handful of good livestock.



We have been extremely wet for this part of the world.  But it has been a mere inconvenience compared to the midwest US and eastern OK.  Sandy ground with plenty of runoff does not make for flooding problems.  Our problems were not really problems.  I pray that it somehow works out for those afflicted by too much rain.  It will work out.  We went through years and years of bad ass drought.  It all works out in the long run.


Buck #s

I only left the nuts in three.   One—- no doubt.  Seelke’s & I own this guy together and he needed to be a buck.  Another, he is skinny, needs his nuts for awhile but a dang good goat.  And another that was born to a first time mother.  She got sent to Arnett.  Twin sister died.   I forgot to go burn horns or band.  Black headed, black ball sack, excellent shag, really nice goat, has horns.  He’s a nice goat that is taking to feed.  We will see.



I like to study sales trends.  I can understand most.  I cannot find any rhyme nor reason to 2019 buck sales.  Online sales are off.  Private treaty sales are good.  Maybe this means that people should get out and look at the offerings.  I don’t know.


People, have a great weekend.

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