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It is cool getting texts to line me out about these blogs.  Actually, it is amazing how many different states can be represented and how many people actually read this crap!!  There are some readers that I think have an alert when I hit the “publish” button.  Others are like a morning ritual, they hit me up about the same time of a morning.  No matter, it’s all cool.  Maybe, I ought to make a comments section on here.  But, it takes time and effort to police something like that.

Yes, I agree that there was a couple of glaring omissions from the coolest movie ever blog.  I guess that they missed their class.  I take the blame for one of them and the other I will blame Duke.  There were some honorable mentions.  Speed, yes.  Anything with Clint Eastwood–agreed.  Men In Black–good one.

Dude, I should have not forgotten The Big Lebowski.  I mean, THE dude, and the whole show is bad ass cool.  My fault.  I must have been looking at last year’s class breaks instead of the current breaks. (this has actually happened, fortunately for me, it was my own kid.)

The next cool movie is one that Duke keeps on DVR and watches several times a month–AT LEAST.  It is way cool and I can’t believe that he and I both forgot it.  The RUSM? how do you miss that one award goes to—Tombstone.  For the sake of this movie, I hope this imaginary contest took place in Texas where there are multiple major shows and they can go to another “if” the judge missed one.  If in Oklahoma, well, I hope it will hold for Tulsa.  Otherwise, the term is S.O.L.   Val Kilmer & Kurt Russell have played some cool roles.   But these are their coolest.  How many cool quotes come from the movie Tombstone?  I can answer that–more than one.  “You called down the thunder, well now you’ve got it.”  My favorite.

Random.  Okay. I don’t like to use many needles and/or drugs but sometimes there are things that are needed.  In goats, one prime example is one that is getting a bit soft in their pasterns.  So, you give a couple of ccs of BO-SE.  This can help tighten ligaments up a bit and therefore, get them up on their pasterns a tick better.

However, if you are dealing with an animal (goat, sheep, pig or calf) and they are getting tight in their movement, what should you give them?  Guess what?  BO-SE.  This makes no sense.  IDK.  I’m just thinking about random stuff.

Let’s keep this randomness going.

Treadmills–we have one.  It wasn’t cheap. We have used it.  It has helped on certain goats.  I do not think it is the end-all-to be-all.  I do think that sheep respond better to treadmills than goats.  I do think that a treadmill can do more damage than good to goats.  EVERYBODY should watch a treadmill being used properly before they ever try it for themselves.  And, it seems like an animal on a treadmill needs a steady round of BO-SE.

Back in the day, Kela had a human treadmill that she used to walk wethers backwards on.  I don’t think that it ever built butt but it may have helped to harden tops.  Now, for the past several years, Duke has had one of the bad donkey sheep treadmills with “goat” inserts.  It has helped several of  his goats.  When it was needed, this thing earned it’s keep.  Currently, it is collecting dust.  BUT, we have it if we need it.  However, this dude is going to be removed from a depreciation schedule later this year.  As well as a bunch of other show equipment.

Speaking of treadmills.  I may have or may not have mentioned this on here before.  But several years back, I may or may not have watched a livestock legend work a big blue-butt barrow on a horse treadmill.  A couple of weeks before this event, I had asked this cool dude if it was true that he could make a pig walk backwards on a treadmill.  He grabbed me by the shoulder, laughed hard and said, “You give me a hot shot, a twelve pack and I can make a pig wear a tutu and turn cart wheels down this aisle.”  I went to their barn for a different species but I can say that big blue pig would jump on that treadmill and run forward like it was related to Secretariat.  However, when motor direction was reversed, that big pig was walking backwards and not liking it.  Much like me on a treadmill, that pig wanted no part of it, but it was getting a work out.

Actually, as I buttoned a pair of slacks before I went to Mass this morning, I realized that I might need to be like that big pig.  I need somebody with a treadmill, a hot shot and a twelve pack.  Wait, I’ve got all of the above.  And therein lies the problem.  I need somebody to use the hot shot on me and make me use a treadmill and keep me away from a box of beverage.

Keep the randomness coming.  The Dragon Lady is sitting here in my office, watching a “live” tv version of Rent.  She is actually just sitting here, waiting for Idina Menzel.  She has that focused look much like I would have waiting at a concert for Motley Crue, Tesla or Def Leppard to take the stage.  EXCEPT, she has already seen Idina perform live in LA with Kela and Mindi Clark.

I wish that I had time to go to Stilly today.  The baby brother–aka Big D and his family left church this morning headed straight to Stillwater.  Okie State and Iowa State wrestling match.  Two of the all time programs tangling in Gallagher-Iba.  COOL!  I foresee a future of fewer stock shows and a couple more wrestling matches.

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