I really feel the urge to watch the world series, but I just can’t bring myself to watch any professional sports this year.  The Dragon Lady is weaker than I.  Addict.  Yet, I do fondly remember watching the A’s versus Dodgers in ’88.

I needed the tractor out of the machine shed this morning.  Due to the large amounts of sleet & ice, I had to dig a lot in order to get the doors to slide.  If I build a new building, it will not have sliding doors on it.  Due to this exercise, I now realize that I may have to scoop ice in hell.  Is that possible?

Actually, I would now rank scooping/chipping ice # 3, selling lawnmowers #2 and in a huge lead, dealing with doe goats as the #1 activity in hell.

No matter the species, people better make sure that the livestock all get a good drink at least twice a day, during these extended cold spells.  A fresh drink of water is of utmost importance as the chemical reaction known as digestion depends on water.  A drink of water will actually warm an animal.  Numerous blankets and protection from the wind & ice are equally important.

I don’t know how you Yankees raise livestock in the crappy winter conditions.  I guess if I lived in Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio or the Dakotas….I would not raise livestock.  I would probably just own a bar.  It seems to me that between the misery of raising stock in that environment and then actually dealing with livestock AND cold weather would make non-drinkers want to drink-a lot!    That last sentence doesn’t make sense but, somehow, I think you all understand it.

If I was to get a chance to sit down and talk with any big name person on how they found success–politicians, athletes, writers, movie people, musicians–I think that I would choose—–

Dolly Parton.  Seriously.  That chick came from nowhere.  Doesn’t seem to have made a deal with the devil.  Worked hard.  I just think that her career was from hard work, smarts and dedication.   Maybe I’m wrong.  It wouldn’t be the first time.

The national FFA convention started today.  Duke was a national proficiency finalist in the Ag Mechanics Design & Fabrication area.  He didn’t win.  But we are still proud of his FFA career.  The Kelln Kids are ZERO for 3 at the national proficiency finalist level.  Okay…..but at least they made it there three times.  As a family, we are pleased.

Kela reports that there are a lot of fireworks in LA on this evening.  

Stay warm and yet, stay cool.  

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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