Random–Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective.  

     Most of what I do in the goat world is very random.  I act on instinct or some other feeling.  In 2009, I knew that I needed a buck, but something didn’t set well, so I declined a partnership on a buck.  Fortunately, that buck has gone on to make a name for himself and has proven my level of intelligience to be just above retardation.  Kind of like on Forrest Gump, where the principal has the crappy chart showing Mama Gump where Lil Forest ranks.  Except, Sally and I didn’t make any noises.  Actually, I ended up on the side of the road, in full view of traffic, with a gut problem.

      On occasion, I will set out with an objective in mind, such as in 2010 when I was looking for bucks.  We came home with Joe Dirt, Freak On A Leash and Rainman.  Fast forward to 2012, I wasn’t looking for a buck, but I wasn’t going to let Rumour pass me by.  There was no pattern, purpose or objective that morning, but things change.  

     On this Monday night, I have ZERO interest in spending money on does.  But, I get to looking at Mock’s online offering and some of the potential genetic combinations that he has put together and I get to thinking, HHMM??  I’ve done dumber things.  Then, I stop and think that I have to pay the electricians and the insulation guys on this other project.  But, then again, my last two doe purchases happened in the last hours, maybe minutes, of the sale closing.  Let’s just say that they were random purchases with an understanding of what I was doing.  Yeah, right.  What I was doing was buying genetics and I like what I bought.  We’ll see how that sale goes tomorrow night.  Hopefully, it gets stupid high and I won’t have to spend any money.  

      Not to change the subject, but we are quickly headed in another direction.  Have you ever noticed how hard door knobs, car doors and other objects are to operate when you are dealing with severe turd pains? Some things become just plain hard to deal with when you are focused on NOT messing your own drawers. But on the contrary, think how productive we could be if we were ALWAYS that focused on an objective with the intensity of keeping from shitting ones’-self.  It’s pretty rare that one actually soils themself, but fairly common that we are focused on the objecive of NOT leaving marks.  

     Speaking of random.  I had a video of a bigfoot sighting in Texas.  Duke wanted to see it.  It was fun.  Then we watched a music video.  Then another.  We didn’t watch anything that wasn’t aired on MTV or Vh1.  I liked watching these older videos.  And I am pleased that my 13 year old son really liked Fergie, Britney, Mariah and some of these other “vocalists”.  I like music and I really like watching some performers more than others.  I don’t know, but something about watching Katy Perry sing about a tiger is a little more appealing than watching Survivor sing about the Eye of the Tiger.  Videos definetly have their place.  I just wish MTV still played music videos.  

     If you watch much TV, then pay attention to the number of commercials, tv shows and movies that have a goat appearing in them.  It isn’t as often as a duck, but way more diverse. 

      So I hear that there is a big lottery drawing coming up?  I am pretty sure that I won’t win.  Not because I am a pessimist and don’t think that I will win. But, the fact that I haven’t bought a ticket will probably keep me from winning.  

    I hope everybody had a good, productive day today and that you were all a benefit to society.  I really hope you did because somebody needed to carry my dead weight as I was probably a burden to society.  But, I didn’t get a ticket from that sheriff that talked to me this evening.  

     Here’s to you and all of your specific patterns, purposes and objectives.  I hope all of you have an exceptional day.  Speaking of random, there is a new muppet movie coming out.