I have known that we were caught in a circle of Not Getting Much Rain area for quite some time now.  After driving to San Angelo this weekend, I now realize that we are in a very isolated area of no rain.  Man, the dryland cotton looks wicked good. Cecil Book told me that they have had 15″ of rain since August 1.  That is almost a years worth in 3 months!  

The 1/4″  that we got last week has perked the trit up, inspired some to drill some seed and did not bring the no-till back from the dead.  We depend on grazing for this little herd, but there is a reason that we keep a stock-pile of hay.  

The Lone Star Elite Jackpot was really good.  The #s seemed down a bit, but the quality was way good.  Duke and I weren’t really ready to show, but we needed to go.  Glad we did.  This is one of those shows that everybody should attend if you have a goat from an eligbile breeder.  Well ran show.  

The worst part of this weekend was the drive home. Okie State was playing Texas Tech.  We only found one station that was carrying the game.  And it was a Tech channel.  What a bad ending to a game. It sounded bad on the radio, but the tv replays confirm that it wasn’t fun to watch.  

The showpig buying season is nearing the end. Thank goodness.