The racist term is something that drives me crazy.  It has our nation quasi-scared to move, for fear of offending somebody. Get over it.  This country was made of multiple races and religions.  It is what it is.  Personally, I have told a joke or two that offered “racist” tones.  I’ve even told jokes that involved German/Irish/Catholic tones–wait, what?!  I don’t get it?  I’ve told redneck jokes.  I have a touch of redneck as well as a lot of that German/Irish/Catholic bit and I am married to a Baptist that answers to the endearing phrase “Dragon Lady”.  Throw in a bit of retardation and I have most of the bases covered.  But, somehow, somewhere, somebody could get upset about the previous sentences.  And I really don’t care. 

      This morning, on that STD known as facebook, I watched a good nature video of otters with Snoop Dogg as the narrator. Look it up.  It is fun.  Snoop Dogg narrating a wildlife documentary is entertaining.  I like it.  And on the other scale of racism, this evening I watched a video of Adele.  I can’t think of a more white chick than Adele.  But, here is Adele rapping and she isn’t doing a bad job of rhyming.   Does it matter?  Not to me.

      Am I racist?  I don’t like anybody that is afraid of work, won’t help another, expects handouts, uses excuses and always blames others.  Wait…this kind of sounds like some in the stock show industry.  Even so, I don’t care about color, race, religion, whatever… it gives me a headache . I just don’t like whiners, complainers and those that expect to be given something.  I am non-political in my regards towards laziness or whiners.  I don’t like whiners, excuse makers, complainers or general pain in the donkeys.  

      The show ring has always been racist.  Only black steers can win.  A Berk can’t compete.  Hereford’s quit being successful back in the 60s.  Goats are just lucky to even get to show.  And my favorite, girls shouldn’t be FFA members.  All of these have been proven wrongl  

      It is easy to stereotype.  Goat people, cattle jocks, white, black, male, female,  whatever.  Who cares?  I care more about the quality of the person.  I’ve got plenty of opinions, but I am done.  Have a good one today  and a better tomorrow.   Out.