R.I.P.—-Joe Dirt

While in Phoenix, I posted on the socially transmitted disease known as Facebook a pic of Joe Dirt and that he had passed.  So, this isn’t new news.  However…..

I was standing outside the goat/sheep barn at the ANLS talking to a cool goat dude from Colorado.  Lance Jaegers is a parent/ag teacher/ goat breeder that purchased a Joe Dirt son from me about 5 years ago.  Not a high dollar deal, just a real good goat that has consistently bred for them.  They have built a productive herd around these Joe Dirt genetics.

While talking to Lance, I asked him if he had seen any kids out of the high selling buck in our 2016 online sale.  That buck was a Joe Dirt x Rainman.  I had heard reports that the kids were really good and had done some winning in Arkansas.  He allowed that several of that bucks kids had hit a lick or two at the Colorado State Fair.  Cool deal!

As we were talking, I got a text from Tyke.  “Dirt is no more.”         Deep breath and bit of moisture in the corner of an eye….damn!  We knew it was coming.  Old age, no teeth, etc.

About a month and a half ago, I asked Tyke if he had an empty pen.  He said that he did.  I told him to come get Dirt and keep him there.  This was a two-fold deal.  One–I knew that Joe Dirt would get better day-to-day care with Tyke’s crew.  And two–I knew that the end was near and I didn’t want to be the one to haul him off.

I’m not going to tell you that Joe Dirt was the best buck ever.  However, I will tell you this.  I have dealt with cattle, sheep, pigs and goats over the past 30 years and Joe Dirt was just damn Good Livestock.  He wasn’t extreme, he was just extremely good.  And he made them good.  His genetics are going to last.  He was a breeder and made his opportunities count.  That dude settled does.

The only problem with Joe Dirt was that Tyke and I owned him.  That means he had access to about 50 does per year except when there were bucks like Rainman, Rumour Has It, FreakOnALeash and others.  So he got to see 20-3o per year.  Yet, he always had offspring in the hunt.  This is why we let Dirt do some traveling in 2016.  And as a result, Dirt daughters will keep proving his worth for years to come.  He loved his trip to California.  The Burns family took care of Joe.  He enjoyed the comforts of Big Bob May’s trailer.  Pat Lyon’s produced a buck or two while he used him.  And for some reason, Dirt really liked, I mean REALLY liked staying at Tom Kester’s.  Joe Dirt talked more about his stay there than anywhere.

Joe Dirt sired grands and reserves at state fair wether shows.  He sired lots of class winners & premium sale wethers.  He sired lots of competitive doe kids–class winners at OYE and Tulsa.  He sired very, very few shitters.  His daughters are still producing.  There are bucks working in top shelf herds.   Dirt did it all and all while working in a couple of small herds.

Regardless of species, I wish that every livestock operator has the chance to work with a breeding piece like Joe Dirt.  When the goal is to make good livestock, animals like Joe Dirt never go out of style.

The only problem with Joe Dirt, is actually not a problem.  He came along just a year too early. Right before the photo craze hit the industry.  And we didn’t have that wicked cool glamour shot to show the multitudes how great he IS.  But, in the end, we didn’t need a cool pic of him.  He just worked and made damn good livestock.

Here’s to you Joe Dirt.  Cheers and job well done.


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