I like quotes.  They capture a snapshot of a person.  One bad quote can absolutely ruin a person.  Just ask that LA clippers moron.  The racist part is obvious. Why are we not more upset that this 80 year old dipshit gave his MISTRESS, yes, the chick that is NOT his wife, permission to sleep with any “black people”  as long as she isn’t seen or photographed with them?  Our society is so, and you can quote me, “effed up and out of balance, that we are more pissed about him telling his MISTRESS to not be seen or photographed with THOSE people.  It’s fine to sleep with them. Just don’t be seen with them.”  RUSM?!  The dumb ass didn’t use racial slurs.  He just comes across as a POS.  Quote me if you need to:  the whole thing is just wrong.  It’s effed up.  He had this conversation with his MISTRESS!  He’s 80 and she’s younger than me.  I’ve got a headache.  This guy is a dumb-ass…no doubt.  This mistress shouldn’t get any air play or type print.  The wife shouldn’t either as she knew that it was going on.  I have no use for this bunch of people.  I don’t care how much money is involved.  It’s dirty, wrong and there are better ways of doing things.  The news is at fault for giving these low rent, oxygen wasting pile of people air time.  And I quote–myself–“These people aren’t worth two squirts of duck shit and should not be in the news.  They should be flushed.  They are all dirty.”

      A great quote can elevate a person.  Songs, tv shows, interviews, movies, whatever.  There is always a quote to be had.  I won’t call it the best movie ever, but I won’t argue with anybody that says that “The Shawshank Redemption” is #1.  The king of horror, Stephen King is the writer.  Which makes sense, because the plot is twisted and really well written.  But this is a killer good movie.  And it is easily quotable.  “Get busy living or get busy dying.”  “I hope.”  The ending sequence of this movie caused me to write a way good FFA speech years ago.  I will still rank that speech up there with the best of them.  

      If you are racist, then you won’t want to watch this movie, as Morgan Freeman probably should have won awards for his role in this movie.  He has had numerous stellar roles, but this is his home run.  I loved Tim Robbins in Bull Durham, but he was off the hook in Shawshank.  

    “Magnanimous”—that was the first time that I ever heard that word.  Ever. And it worked.  You tell me when you pulled that word out of your vocabulary lessons and used it in proper terminology.  NEVER!   

     If you missed the Shawshank movie tonight, it will be fine.  It is the 20 year anniversary, so IFC will play it a bunch this month.  Without a doubt, I love the ending of this move.  “I hope.”  My everyday being hinges on this quote and it did before I ever saw the movie.  I end my day, thinking about what I need to do, can do and want to do.  And I always HOPE that I can.  And a lot of these things are out of my control, but I HOPE and PRAY that it will work out.  And if it doesn’t, I will wish that it would have.  

Pray for rain.  Horseshoes and shamrocks.  Stay flexible, but not limp.  Get bent.  Whatever your quote, I like it.  Have a nice day and a better tomorrow.