Random Quote & a Random Thought

“You don’t need a parachute to sky dive.  You only need a parachute if you would like to sky dive a second time.”

–I don’t know who gets the credit.  I just liked the quote.



As I got out of a steaming, hot, epsom salt & melatonin infused bath on this snowy evening (yes, trying to actually sleep), I pulled on a random t-shirt from my closet.  It was a free shirt from a Houston Asstros game this summer.  And I thought, “Dude, if I wear this to a goat show this year, will people think that I too am a cheater?”

Then, upon further inspection, it does not say Houston Asstros anywhere on it.  It is just navy and orange but says Lone Star Series.  Cool.  No cheatin’ here.  Then again, you have to win to get accused of cheating.  I think that we are safe this year.

Stay warm and have a good one.

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