Quick Trip

No, not the quick stops by that name, but we did make a quick trip to Denver and back.  The Dragon Lady and I left Thursday night and headed towards Denver.  No real travel plans other than the mini Herf open show started at 8 am Friday.  It has been a few years since I traveled to the National Western.

On the way up, we stopped at Goodland, KS at the SteakNShake.  People, that was a good stop.  Good food and excellent service.  Yes, I got a sideBYside strawberry and banana shake.  And no, I didn’t have any lactose problems.

The mini Herf show was fun to watch.  The top end heifers are wicked good.  There is a reason that the good ones cost so dang much.  They are that much better than the others.  We also watched the bull show.  Congrats to the Goss clan on their reserve grand bull.  Tammy says he was the best one there.  I won’t argue but I told her that he wouldn’t win.  We were both right.

We then attended the Mini Mafia embryo and semen sale.  This was a class-act event.  The sale lots sold real well.  Of course, this sale is put on by the goat auctioneer, Jason Spence.  He only sold in Spanish once during this sale.  I did bid a few times but didn’t get anything done.  That is two auctions in the same week that I did NOT have to write a check.  I may not be in rehab, but I feel like I am going through several steps.

We were actually on an educational trip. And it was a good trip.  Here’s what I learned.

Kansas has REALLY, really good highways.  Until you get south of Bucklin.  And then it feels like crappy Okie blacktop.

Cimarron, KS was the only place that we saw snow piled up.  Almost no snow from Denver to the east.  Like the rest of us, a lot of area is really dry.

I do not trust the navigation system of that dang chevy High Country.  Lots of cussing while using it.  The iPhone however–I trust.

There are some really good Scottish Highlander heifers.  Not very many, but way better than I thought.  AND before the grand Scottish Highland heifer selection, they have a bagpipe band march through the arena.  AWESOME!!

I only bought/had one but judging from the people carrying around a beer, the National Western makes a pile off the $9.50 beers.   Even at 10 am.  An orange juice cost me $5.13.  And it wasn’t the best orange juice that I have had this week, month, year or ever.  But it was an orange juice.  So, I’m good.

We did not go to a dispensary, although there were lots of them advertising.  I would like to look at their growing operations.

I did get to see one of the top shelf Colorado FFA people–Mr. Don Thorn.  I was sitting outside a bathroom, waiting on the Dragon Lady, talking to some senior citizen who was also waiting on his wife to exit the bathroom.  This dude and I were discussing the pros and cons of owning mini herfs and/or fainting goats while waiting on our wives.   I looked up at some guy walking buy and thought, “I know him.”  Eye contact was made, he looked at me like “I know him?.”  And sure enough, we did know each other.  This guy has some wicked Milligan stories.

Regardless of the state or show, I can still get in and/or drive in to the showgrounds without credentials, passes or pins.  Both days.  We got in the gate on Friday–free.  I like talking to gate workers.  It is a special language.  Sometimes, it is gibberish, sometimes trash talk, sometimes BS and a lot of the times it is parolee.  I should have saved that trick for Saturday as it cost $14 a head on Friday and $20 a head on Saturday.  However, I conned them to let me drive in so that I could load purchases–no livestock.  Just stuff.  I did not buy the skunk fur hat.  I should have.

I left the goats at home in the care of the Kelln Livestock– large cattle division manager–aka, Duke.  He doesn’t like to deal with the does (who does?) but he did put hay out and fill water tanks.  (does it bother anybody else?  The whole does, does–we need Gallagher to do a watermelon smashing episode on this part of the English language.)  Garland or the comedian, either one,  would be entertaining!

This was my slow weekend.  I did have fun watching my wife, watching this breed of cattle that she loves.    I would imagine that by the end of March, I will be in a growly mood wishing that I had this weekend back.   NO!  I bet I will be in a pissy mood no matter what and this was fun.  And I was real well-behaved.

I don’t have netflix, but I may have to look into getting it.  For watching documentary shows about Twisted Sister and other such research.


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