Quick Stops

     When traveling, looking for the next great goat, we stop at a lot of quick stops.  Gas is usually the driving force as to when we stop.  In Texas, when you stop at a quick stop, the odds are high that it will be at an Allsups.  They are everywhere.  It doesn’t matter the size of the town, they will have an Allsups.  They are a pretty good chain that is consistent in the products they sell and the setup of the stores.  All of that and the fact that the bathrooms normally aren’t the cleanest and there is a high probability that the lock is broke.

     They have as wide an array of “edible” items in the hotbox.  The other night, there was an Allsups and the only other option was to continue to starve.  I opted for the chimichanga that was fresh out of the cooker.  Forty minutes later when it cooled enough that I only slightly burnt my taste buds off of my tongue, I ate it.  Not bad.  

Earilier in the day, we stopped at an Allsups.  Bill asked for a hot link out of the hotbox.  He asked for a bun to go with it.  You should have seen the look on the cashier girls face.  I mean complete lock down.  She looked at Bill, looked down, looked at the weiner, looked back at Bill and asked, “Buns?”  

“Yeah, a bun.” he replied.  She stared at him, and then asked, “Like a hamburger bun?”  Bill said, “Well, I was thinking more like a Hot Dog bun, but a hamburger bun, hhmm, yeah, maybe even just a piece of bread would work.”

Blank store, then, “Buns?  We only have a hamburger bun.”  That will work!  

Amazing.  She had the look that you would expect to see working at 3 am, not 4 in the afternoon.  Nonetheless, Bill got bread with his weiner at an Allsups.