Whenever there is an orchestra, they always introduce and then shine a spotlight on the director.  Why?  That makes no sense to me.  The director isn’t playing any of the instruments.  That’s kind of like watching the Kentucky Derby and cheering for the jockey instead of the horse.

      Stock shows have become expensive.  Let’s not even talk about the price of the animals or the price of feed.  Or the price of entries and nominations.   Attending a stock show has gotten expensive.  Parking pass, gate pass, trailer parking, fitting area, chute fee, etc., etc., etc.  Dang neart every show is adding these charges.  At this point, one knows that you are going to have to dole out some cash at every turn.

      I guess my question to the previous paragraph would be, how come we don’t just set up a toll booth near the gate(s) going into the various rings at OYE?   The honorable Christopher J. Kelln Thruway  Toll $.10.     I know about inflation but I’d be happy with a dime for everyone that passes through.  Plus, I’d love to hear the phrase, “Somebody’s gotta go back and get a shit-load of dimes.”  I love Blazing Saddles.  Don’t you?

Won’t you have a good day?