QT & kiss an angel good morning.

In eastern Oklahoma, QT stands for QuikTrip.  QuikTrips are real clean, real busy places in the greater Tulsa area.  When in the 918, I routinely stop to get fuel, maybe buy a bundle of their refrigerated bbq pork rib sandwiches and even use the toilets, as they are normally clean.  Heck, back in 1987 or 88, my steer and I were bought at the Tulsa Premium Sale by QT and Jack Zink.  I still remember talking to Mr. Zink.  That dude was wicked smart.   Google that deal.

Saturday afternoon found the Dragon Lady and I making a Quick Trip to T-Town.  2 pickups at a high rate of speed.  Well, other than the semi trailer that was hit by a train in Enid.  Quick detour around mid-Enid.  We made it to Tulsa, checked into the Hampton, then hit Academy for comfortable shoes (because we are old) then went to the Outback Steakhouse for a nice meal.

The hotel was good but somebody a few doors down was WAY drunk.  He was polite but he obviously couldn’t find a room key.  He kept politely knocking on a room door.  “Open the G D door now.  Please open the G D, MFing door now.”   I’m just guessing but I think that he ate either pizza or chicken wings by the elevator doors as there was a mess there that had some bacon bits, red pepper and dang sure a puddle of ranch dressing.

This morning, Tammy and I loaded ag mechanics projects, agronomy projects, ag comm stuff and other items….in the rain.  It was a scavenger hunt to find everything.  Actually, we didn’t find all of our projects.  I think the term Shit Show would apply.

We made a quick trip back to NW OK.  We have always taken care of hauling livestock properly. But, this hauling ag projects in general makes you want to get some Lloyd’s of London insurance.  Customers, parents and grandparents are wanting their prize kid’s projects back in fine form.  Whew!!!!   I just wish that the fair officials, FFA staff and others in charge cared a little bit about these projects.  Unreal!  Some stops have clean restrooms while others always have skid marks and floaters.  This deal wasn’t a clean pickup.

As an ag teacher, you want to help kids show off their projects.  Hell, scholarships and awards are dependent on these items.  But, when they get tore up, abused and lost….well, it just makes one want to use bad language…..$@#@#() 77 & W (Eu79eqw7e9E&(FFFFFF  $$$ UUUU  .!!!!   Call or text if you need an interpretation.  I don’t like lazy, I don’t like excuses and I don’t like lack of respect for other peoples stuff.

Other than that….it was a Quick Trip to Tulsa but Tammy and I had a Quality Time together eating Quality Tasty foods like lobster, shrimp and sirloin.  Oddly enough, I don’t normally care for a grilled sirloin but Outback does a bang up job on their sirloin.

I’m done.   Waiting on a big bowl of tater soup with bacon.  The temps are getting right….finally.

Actually, there is more.  Last night at dinner, Tammy told me that her parents were going to see Charlie Pride in concert.   Wait? What?   I like Charlie Pride.  Heck, we all love “Kiss an Angel Good Morning” but people, in all seriousness, read the bio on this guy.  He is a civics/social studies/athletics/work ethic/success story lesson all wrapped up in  one package.    Great American!  I WISH that I would have been watching Charlie Pride in concert.  He ain’t young.  Seriously, read up on this dude.  Unreal!

Peace out, have a good one, a better tomorrow and above all else….remember that there is a higher power.  The ground was wet so I trimmed hooves on mature bucks.  Whooo!!  That ain’t fun but it’s dun for awhile.


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