“Kind Of” April Fool’s Day Sale

  Huge thank you to all that bid, bought, called, texted, acted interested or anything else involving the “Kind Of” April Fool’s Day online sale.  I am truly thankful for the interest.  I had more phone calls and texts regarding this sale than any that we have ever had.  The phone has had trouble staying charged.  Again, THANK YOU!

12 lots went to 9 different states.  Some were new buyers that I have talked to.  Some were new buyers that I have yet to talk to.  The rest are repeat buyers.  As much as I love new buyers, repeat customers are even better.  

Thanks to Tammy and Duke for taking care of stuff when I can’t.  This whole deal doesn’t happen without Kela, Tammy and Duke.  For those of you that know us, you will agree.  For those of you that don’t know us, trust the ones that do.  I married well (not 4 money) and as a result have two oustanding offspring.  One of the many reasons that I am a firm believer in the value of maternal genetics.  

I am already getting texts wanting to know what buck went where.  I will gladly advertise the new owners as they see fit.  Their call, not mine.  

It is sales like this that make a newcomer think that they might want to get in the goat business.  I can tell you that there are easier ways to make a dollar.  I was around when the goat industry started in Oklahoma.  I have spent an a$$ pile of cash traveling to see goats in other states.  I hemorraghed money for many years.  After losing money for several years, learning the hard way and consistently trying to do better, I can now tell you the DO’s and DON’Ts of raising show goats. Now, we are a small herd, but I really like our depth of quality.  More importantly, I like the people and the stories that I have from this industry.  There needs to be a book, a movie or a reality show about the goat business.  Lots of characters.  

Out of the 12 lots that I sold tonight, I lost money on two of them. (both wethers)  But, those two wethers were too good to just send to the taco factory.  They both are headed to really good homes.  Although we bought the wethers at fair market price, then sold at a lower price, I still like to think that we owe it to the goats and those breeders to see that they get a chance.  

Thank you to Tommy & Julie for getting the pics and stuff up on short notice.  The Milligan’s were there for Kela and I back in 2006 when the first online goat auction took place.  NOW!?!?!  Holy Batman!  I have to spend the next couple of days coordinating deliveries top to bottom and side to side. Regardless that Tommy and Julie are Kelln Family friends–they are full service at handling our sales–before, during and after each sale.  I love it when the constructive criticism phone call comes from the Perry office.   Tommy–“WTF are you doing?”  We won’t delve into the rest of the conversations as they normally go downhill from there.  I have a habit of selling stuff without pictures (not recommended)  and I don’t want to over-sell anything (highly recommended).  

I distinctly remember all of the breeders that questioned if those early sales were real or not.  RUSM?!  Now, they are some of the biggest online sellers of all-time.  

The scary part of an online sale is the amount that moves outside of the advertised lots.  Semen, wethers, doe kids, mature does, buck kids and mature bucks that haven’t been advertised.  An online sale generates so much traffic.  It is scary, yet absolutely amazing.  

Here’s to another day in the business.  I wish nothing but horseshoes and shamrocks to all of you tough enough to raise goats.  Thanks to all and here’s to a better tomorrow.  Cheers!