Put a fork in it

2014–It’s done!  And for one, I am glad.  2014 brought a lot of changes to my little piece of paradise.  

–We added a kidding barn.  Very wise investment.

–The year started out dry.  We got small rains throughout the year.  And we end the year dry.  

–I changed careers.  I left a lucrative career moving John Deere equipment and headed into business for myself.  I have fewer headaches and am not pissed off as much as I used to be.  That part is good.

–I bought a whole herd of goats–does, babies.  This purchase took us from 50 does to 175 does.  

–Somehow, I added another career.  Shattuck couldn’t find an ag teacher.  I agreed to fill the position.  The kids and the school have been great.  I just don’t have time for it.  One semester down.  Along, with taking this job, I sold a bunch of does.  We are now back down to 75 mommas.  

–Duke and I spent quality time in the garden.  Yep, a garden.  We had fun, ate well and learned a lot.  The garden will be considerably bigger in 2015.  

–2014 was the first year of my life that I can remember, that I did NOT catch a fish.  WIth the continued drought, dried up ponds and no time to travel for fishing, I didn’t wet a line.  That will have to change in 2015.  

–2014 was the year of the doe kid(S).  I hope the percentages change this year.  Although, doe kids are easy to sell, I prefer bucks and wethers.  

–WIND.  My goodness, this past year was windy.

–2014 was not a fun stock show year for me.  For some reason, I had a hard time following a lot of judges, in multiple species.  I’m not saying the judges were wrong, I just had a hard time following a bunch of them.  Our krew still had success–(grand & res at Woodward, reserve at OYE, reserve at Tulsa, grand at ANLS, lots of premium sales, etc.)  but at times, I didn’t understand some of those placings, but we’ll take it.  

I’ve had an increasingly hard time understanding a lot of the parents that are involved in stock shows.  For various reasons.  This has caused me to just want to take care of Duke and be done.  But, the added career makes that hard to do.  

–But, the year ended on a positive note.  Phoenix found me in a very good humour.  Duke and I didn’t like getting our donkey’s kicked in the pig show.  But, I really liked how Duke handled it.  He wasn’t happy, but he didn’t pout, throw a fit or blame anybody.  I spent the week with some great people.  The kids were extremely well behaved.  Their work ethic was un-paralleled and we had a great time.  I was reminded of what is great about the stock show program.  

It is about working for a win.  Having fun, learning, meeting new people, standing at the chuckwagon waiting on coffee/hot chocolate.  Setting goals.  Not the politics, whining, dirty pool, high dollars, who gets first pick and all of that other crap.  

Now, what will 2015 bring?  

To start with, the next time I drive the Gray Goat GMC pickup that I own, it will roll over 100,000 miles.  I wish I had a dollar for every mile that Duke has sat in the back right passenger seat.  Better yet, I wish that I had a dollar for every mile that my fat ass has been in the driver’s seat (over 99,000).

Rain.  I hope and pray.

Buck and wether kids.

Good sales.


Have a wonderful new year.